2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams


Deadpool’s back plink dash is just as bad as the wave dash, it won’t get you out of any tight situation. It does look funny though.


one of them moves him backwards faster than walking and one of them makes him wiggle in place and die so not really, yeah, his plinkdash is still pretty bad comparatively but consider that over ‘literally nothing’ and you understand why it needs to be in your options
it’s really important you can move backwards. like seriously it’s really really important to be able to move backwards quickly in this game

the unscale variant combo that uses the taunt is particularly harder than the non-unscaled one because you have to hit the taunt button and assist immediately afterwards at a pretty awkward time. i ended up having to rewire one of my face buttons to taunt to make it easier but even then it was still pretty weird


It starts with simple rewiring, ends with 4 extra buttons. Be careful.


Speaking of Crossover counters. Do you guys think crossover counters will end up being a big thing in the future of this game or will it just be one of those features that are just there only for specific characters.(Ex Jill,Sentinel ect) Because I think that beam assist might end up becoming something good to crossover counter especially on people who do like helmbreaker SHSH blockstring because a character like doom can cross over counter into plasma beam and cancel into Photon Array and then X-Factor dead vergil or cross over counter into lvl 3.Just let me know


Alpha Counters are criminally underused imo. There are lots of situations where you can counter into super > kill or XF > kill and people aren’t using them yet (even outside of the invinicible alpha counters, which are even more criminally underused.) Any of the fast startup assists like Cart, Tatsu, EMD, etc have potential for some nice reaction punishes.


It’ll be used more. Morrigan instantly comes to mind. Buckethead uses it quite a bit. It really is only a few characters that can get something significant from it.


Well CCs I believe have been universally good against Vergil just because they remove all the hurtboxes Vergil needs to cancel his moves on. Disregarding potential resource use as long as they have a reasonable way to convert off of it I’m sure any char would be good for the job of CCing against Vergil.

VS any other character I’m not sure though since if your CC isn’t invincible you run the risk of your opponent continuing to press buttons and potentially blowing up that meter you so delicately attempted to spend


Best crossovers are going to be the ones you can cancel out of for a full combo. Happy Birthdays everytime you cc would be great for limiting some characters mixup strength


Not all CC were created equal. I think only a select few characters gameplay should utilize otherwise you’re wasting atleast 1 bar (and potentially another or XFC to make it safe) in attempts at fishing for a hit/HBD


On the subject of alpha counters we should keep in mind that typical follow-up commands, i.e. Spider Sting second hit or Vergil teleport cancel, can’t be used if recent knowledge proves correct, as well as moves that are normally cancelable like Shippuga. This doesn’t include stuff like jump/flight (I think) cancels or shit that can already be combo’d off of.

That said, I’d like to point out a couple of options that are almost unheard of or underutilized because there’s a superior option as far as assists go:

Haggar’s Violent Ax- Yeah, Lariat exists. But you can’t combo off a CC Lariat unless the opponent is high enough off the ground for you to sneak a crouching heavy in. Violent Ax, though? Yeah that’ll combo. Can even open up for happy birthday opportunities, which is something Lariat cannot do. It’s main issue has to do as an assist since it’s… yeah, not very good. Hardly not the worst, but still not good.

Joe’s Groovy Uppercut- Joe is sorta iffy as far as assists go. Bomb might be his best one if you can manage to set it up properly and Voomerang is probably the most reliable all around. But Groovy Uppercut can allow combos off a CC if you manage and Joe, despite appearances, is fairly good with capitalizing on a happy birthday opportunity. Even as an assist it’s not AWFUL, even though it’s mostly restricted to extensions.

Nemesis’ Launcher Slam- Well, it’s got armor for starters. That’s a big reason people pick this assist to begin with. Another being it’s a reliable combo extension for a lot of characters that don’t have inherent ground bounces. That said, as a CC it’s also pretty damn good since Nem can combo off it.

Chris’ Grenade/Combination Punch- Seriously, why the fuck aren’t these seen more? I mean Gun Fire is good for an assist but holy shit these two still serve purposes that still warrant attention. Specifically for CC’s, since both allow Chris to combo off a successful counter and Combo Punch is just so STUPID for that purpose.

Viper’s Thunder Knuckle- I’m not 100% certain but I think Viper can cancel her knuckle as a CC. Don’t quote me on this because I use her about as often as people use Iron Fist nowadays.

I would list Iron Fist’s assists in this list as well but his issue hardly begins with underused CC assists.


You forgot Thor’s Mighty Smash CC.

It’s REALLY good.
Go to 9:20 for evidence of that claim I just made.


so theory, we pullin out vanilla videos


No armor on Nemesis.


I’ve been aware of this. Hell, I think serp made a point of it fairly recently. Hence why I didn’t list it to begin with.

It still works in Ultimate. Considering how many changes Thor received that video may as well apply to Ultimate, kek


Spencer can’t zip before he touches the ground in his CC
Task can’t air mighty swing before he touches the ground
Skrull can’t airdash before he touches the ground nor can he cancel orbital grudge into fatal buster for a confirm (not sure if his armor is activated though)


Can Task and Skrull not air super before they touch the ground? Sentinel can CC into Hard Drive so I figure those should work.

Whatever, Doom’s got all that on lockdown.

He can cancel it into flight and shit too.


You just have to check on a character to character basis. X23 gets to cancel her DP into one of her dives and can cancel into a dive before touching the ground on her LowTG. Hidden missiles can cancel into shit it can’t even cancel into normally because fuck doom. Jill can do the normal somersault cancelling, Viper can feint cancel.

Here’s the real badassery, though. I want people to find some more cool stuff off this.


Anybody that has an air super can cancel into their air super before they hit the ground. The only real issue here being that it’s only ever seen on Sentinel because Hard Drive is pretty damn good, even if that whole tactic costs two meters and for potentially little gain. Only other character capable of that sort of feat is Morrigan and you’re blowing four fucking meters on a gambit that will still only affect one character.

mid-post edit: No wait Nova can probably do it too with HST, which in theory would be better than Hard Drive since there’s less hitstun to worry about at the cost of making yourself vulnerable to non-projectile supers. Joe/Hawkeye might be able to since their air supers have flash invulnerability and their projectiles can power through some shit. Same with Phoenix and her Inferno but lol 2 meters on Phoenix for a CC plus hyper


Welp I bite my tongue, turns out you can combo off Spider Sting without using his ground bounce follow-up

Skip to 2:00


dr strange crossover assist counter into 7ROR. thats all.