2015 UMVC3 SRK Tier/Theory Discussion. 7/10 First Page Tumblr: Power of snapback, Future power teams


This Evo was pretty much the who’s left and probably those left didn’t practice as hard as they would in 2012 thru 15. It’ll be good to see all the pros and new guys hungry for Marvel again.

It’s honestly a miracle UMVC3 made it to Mandalay stadium Sunday finals this year. You can’t stop crack.


Yes, and a Chunli/Morrigan/Phoenix won the entire thing. On paper, if some dude came in here and start going off about that team possibly beating a Chris G team everybody would be shitting on that opinion… but man, it happened.

That is the beauty of UMVC3. People have complained about the brokeness of xx character, and have made various tier lists on who is better than who but this game is just that well balanced. Yes, tiers do give an advantage but it’s your ability to design a team and just work that shit that matters the most. Same can’t be said with many team based fighting games. This 3v3+assist is what i wish remains in Marvel, forever.


Chun is a natural Bullet Hell counter with her mobility. People just don’t pick her because most player are looking at getting in and just doing damage - something that’s much easier for other characters to do. What Ryan did was simply take her mobility that and combine it with a shell that could benefit from her runaway - building hella meter and having the tools to cash in on it.


To be honest, I don’t think Chun is really required for that team. Sure, she can avoid bullet hell, but the real problem comes from Morrigan’s assist being borderline unpunishable. Harmonizer just turns that pointless stalling into something productive. I feel like you would be better off playing a stronger point character like Wolverine or Magneto and fighting normally than potentially screwing yourself via time over, which happens a few times vs ChrisG.


You’re down playing the mental aspect though. Getting stalled out like that while playing a team that’s meant to lockdown and stall (effectively getting out-stalled) is quite mentally crushing. Ryan’s game is all about using that to put his opponent on tilt, especially since getting Chun down on life doesn’t necessarily mean his opponent is winning.

It’s basically Sun Tzu’s concept of “the Sheathed Sword” as discussed by Sirlin in Playing to Win. It’s a brick wall that he puts up that his opponent has to overcome before they can get to “actual fighting”. Except, unlike Sirlin’s A2 Rose “low strong” example, Ryan’s MorriPhoenix shell means he can win once the “actual fighting” starts.


I remember playing DOK/Morri/Phoenix it was super silly how easy I got Dark Phoenix.
Honestly Phoenix is the perfect character to fuck with players mentally, so while I’m not sold on
how endgame the character is, pulling her out to fuck up someones general gameplan is perfect.


The problem is Chris G wasn’t throwing enough soul drains. There are several instances every match where morrogan was tagging Phoenix or Morrgisn assist. A fewvsoil drain hits and Phoenix doesn’t have 5 bars.



RyanLV used to play Magneto/Morrigan/Phoenx as a main and secondary- I believe there’s footage of him playing Chris G with the team in a previous Evo. Chun Li not only stalls better than Magneto. But can confirm off more situations than Magneto, mainly OTGs (although she can only situationally confirm of certain ground throws, With Mags able to confirm off all throws). Wolverine isn’t capable of running away to anywhere near a basic degree. And is not strong enough on point to fight Morridoom with no neutral assist like Chun is on his team. M.O.D.O.K, Trish, Storm, Thor are closer substitutes. But can not replicate all of Chun LI’s stregnths to the same degree she can.

Furthermore, RyanLV does not struggle Chris G’s teams at all. Can hardly say he screwed himself against Chris G, when he’s beaten him convincingly in every time they faced eachother since Evo 16, other than NCR. But then continued beating him after his short break from majors.

MorriDoom’s strength in keeping people out becomes it’s weakness against LV’s team which tries to stay out to build meter for Phoenix. And LV is adept enough in engaging that he can deal with Morrigan’s direct approach. And lands clean hits on her and Vergil, both of which should not be happening, especially when they are backed by neutral assists.

LV’s team just straight beats Chris G’s.



Even RyanLV said in a recent interview that he used to run Magneto/Morrigan/Phoenix, he would get counterpicked apart by Morrigan/Doom/Vergil.

He found a team that fights MorriDoom well. You guys had half a decade theory crafting how to fight MorriDoomVergil yet produced no results.


Just to add to this. With Wolverine or Morrigan on point, the team loses one of its more powerful counter-tools to ChrisG’s team - the counter-stall. MorriDoom sets up this challenge that is the bullet hell that the opposing player needs to get past before they can even fight normally. With Chun however, Ryan can just negate that challenge with his own challenge with Chun’s stalling, forcing Chris to be the one to try to get past that to play normally.


Rip this forum
Thanks for the good times guys
I wish this would get archived or something


Well it was fun while it lasted.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.


jill still A tier
mvci is trash and wont have the same shelf life as 3
capcom is trash

goodbye friends


Anybody want to get some hot takes out of their system before it all disappears?


Dante is still ass


Learned so much in this thread.
Had a lot of fun discussions.

Shoutouts to vanilla Doom players. Stay salty about losing the blue costume.

Wish we had seen Magneto get more from his blockstun-cancel.
Wish theory Viper panned out.
Wish Zero snap unblockables was a thing.
Wish (my) Dante wasn’t ass.


he was just holding back until MvCI lol


I arrived kinda late here, but I learned a lot from theory and had a lot of fun discussing it and reading other people’s thoughts about it. So many memories:

  • RIP Theory C.Viper
  • Serpentaurus and all of his Thor talk and beating Xian
  • Ryu is a pile of hot garbage, but JohnPauliuk still loves the hell out of the character and wanted to optmize him really bad
  • Apologyman winning EVO in theory (I think this was posted in the stream thread and not here, but whatever…)
  • emc tech talk and videos
  • other stuff that I’m lazy to look at right now and I don’t remember
  • edit: remembered rokmod trolling here too, it gave some good laughs

Thanks for the memories, fellas. Keep fighting the good fight. I’m considering going to reddit but I don’t like that fucking layout. Also I had an account there with this my srk username but lost it, was dumb enough to create an account without my e-mail because “I would remember my password lulz”

Here is my funeral song for the thread and the forums:


And fuck Zero, piece of shit character. UMvC3 Zero is the character that gave me the most salt in all fighting games I’ve played.


I just came back to argue (I saw a debate on page 535) again that Dhalsim is top 5 in Marvel 2 still. Disbelievers, revive Marvel 2 tournament scene and you will see!

Beats top 4 in 1v1
Beat Cyke assist via angles
Beat Psyclocke assist via angles
Beat damaging keepout assist (Tron, CapCom, Doom) via rush with sweeps, which hits those assists meaty and can be SJ cancelled to more rush or insta-block. Also can layer cover from own assist (or countercall), if if opponent tries to punish, all normals cancelable to instant startup teleport.
Builds mad bar
Solo death combos since strike doesn’t scale
Great mobility
Unfly infinite to corner
Can kill from anywhere on stage from far c.lp and Sent-a, otherwise solo, with bar you build in the combo. This punishes a lot of stuff otherwise unpunishable.
IM 2nd gives GB anywhere on stage (DHC to sent and this leads to like 80% life, 100% if corner)
Sim assist gives Sent unblockable to recombo in corner for 0 bar

Most people who argued against him being high tier argued he was too hard to learn and execute with. There were some learning barriers to get over along the way (dealing with Commando, for example), but I played pretty well late-game, and any limitation from my results were more that I was playing in Seattle with absolute beats who were ridiculously good players, more than a reflection of the character’s tools. The difference between early and late game Dhalsim knowledge was probably more significant than any other single character in the game, including all of the big 4.

“Top tier Dhalsim is really fun to play against though: his top level gameplay is more transformative than anybody else’s top tier gameplay.”

… Also, I <3 you all and miss Marvel 2. When are we going to revive what was obviously the best fighting game the world has ever seen? Enough with this current-gen swill–let’s play what’s good instead of what’s new!