2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend


If RagingStormX is in and you need another member to participate to keep this going, I’m in.


With the coming of the Holidays I didn’t want a fun tradition to die off, and helping out is within the very spirit of the holidays as well. So so I though if everyone didn’t mind were merge the two secret santa groups together .


Anybody have any issues with this?

How many do you have signed up over at Tech Talk?


Ok so I need to sign up for tech talks secret santa?


Wait and see if we end up collaborating with the…Xenos.


Been around for a while and won’t mind joining up. I need to update my wishlists.


So far about 5 or 6, tech talk tends to start slow


I say we merge this year, doesn’t hurt. I been a member of tech talk awhile anyway though not active lately.

Definitely need to find a way to go forward after this year though. See if maybe we can get a SS channel on discord and migrate there or make a GD Secret Santa Facebook page.


tagging for interest in the topic.


Looks like joining this with the one in TT is the best course of action.

We’re working out a few details over PMs and then we’ll let you guys know the new logistics as soon as we get them sorted.


Sounds good I guess.




and now here comes the influx.

@Pertho - I’ve added a couple of additional things gift-wise that are not listed in my original image in the email I sent you confirming my signup for this year.


I’ll join, should be fun.


Email sent, migration done :+1:


Let the tech talk invasion continue


I’m game where ever we move this as long as i continue the gift of giving to a fellow SRK member.


Here after seeing SRKTTSS has merged with General Discussion. Looking forward to kick off my holiday shopping with Secret Santa.


Liking that RWBY figure in the background :slight_smile:


Signed up with the Tech Talk post but will send the info over this evening/tomorrow for the combined forces of GD/TT