2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend


so GD and TT are hooking up like Voltron eh? :joy:


Dibs on red lion :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you get my email @Pertho


@Pertho, can we get an updated list including the Tech Talk folk? Thanks.


No you cannot.

Its my daughter’s birthday and that included going to the doctor and a flu shot. Will update everything tomorrow morning. If you haven’t sent out your e-mails yet, make sure you do.

@RagingStormX I got ya e-mail, fam.


Alright guys, updated list is up, need emails from a couple of people though


@Reticently I know you have the twins so lemme know if you still want in this or not. Fatherhood life is the best struggle.:+1:

@DarkGeneral Also let me know if you want in or not formally.

I’ll send out assignments Sunday morning that way you guys can browse amazon and stuffs during Thanksgiving break. That also means that last ditch signs up are on Saturday. Once I e-mail assignments, its GGs for signing up.

Thank you guys for joining forces and keeping a cherished SRK tradition.


I’ll probably email you on my lunch. If not than when I get off work.


Sent my email out @Pertho.


email sent



I’m going to send you another email because I accidentally omitted something very important in the email.


I’ll send it to you tomorrow morning… need to build my Amazon list


@Pertho sent my wishlist in, fatherhood struggles are real, but I can definitely use a mental break from the childcare vortex.


Alright gents, I’m gonna keep it 100 with you guys:

Today is my daughter’s birthday party that I’ve running around like a 16er trying to put together.

Also today a close friend of mine is getting in from out of town.

Assignments will be mailed out tomorrow but I won’t give you a definite timetable. I’m playing the next 24 hours by ear. So they’ll be emailed out tomorrow for sure. I’m just not gonna give you a deadline that I can’t guarantee I’ll meet.

If you haven’t emailed me stuff yet, get them in as soon as you can. y’all have a great weekend.


its cool, enjoy your day. Have fun and happy birthday to your little girl.


Got a few last minutes emails, y’all getting your assignments tomorrow before noon.

Thank you for your patience!


Sign ups are officially closed. Had to tell my wife I was doing this instead of taking time to do it behind my back.

I’m fully out as a nerd organizing some secret santa shit for a bunch of internet people.

I hope you’re all happy now.

:santa: :santa: :santa:


Thanks for all your hard work with this!


Assignments have been sent

@RagingStormX and @Reticently

RagingStormX, if you could send/post your updated amazon wishlist so I can forward it to your Secret Santa.

Reticently, if you could email me your shipping details so you can actually get your gifts.:joy::joy::joy:

Also my wife read all your emails with SS on it. Thought I was doing shit for Nazis.

Put secret Santa on that shit next year. :japanese_goblin:


@pertho Shipping address sent, thanks for the heads-up!


Thanks for all the work @Pertho Also Hail SRK i mean some mustache dude i mean In Ryu We trust?