2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend


Sweet got mine, order some of this off Amazon this weekend. Thanks for the hard work.


Sent it should be good


Hey @Pertho I completely forgot to mention I moved back to Atlanta. I’m not at the address I sent in the email


My dude,

How do you forget where you live?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Send me an update. Been building some of the big toys my daughter got. This stupid ass plastic car took longer than it should’ve. Gonna get tgis whatabutger then update things.


My bad dude lol. I was in OkC at the time. And completely forgot to send you the Atlanta address instead. I’ll do it now


Lol my bad. I was in OkC at the time and forgot to send my Atlanta mailing address.


Use email…fuck!


Oh shit I didn’t even realize my address was auto typed in there. Dammit


For next years iteration, can T-Shirt size be made a requirement if we want to send our person a shirt?


I always include my shirt size. I thought
That was just common sense? Iunno


The two years I’ve been involved with Secret Santa (last year’s solo one with the Tech Talk subforum/combined GD/TT one this year), and I’ve not really seen it on initial requests/entries outside of the aforementioned one from @RoyalFlushTZ). Either that or my glasses are not working for shit and I can’t see.


it came up as a question before with the Tech Talk SS.
I think I got last year someone’s kids some clothing as apart of their gift. I ended up purposely ordering for a slightly older child size that they have to grow into so that I wouldn’t send something off too small.


Yeah, now that you mentioned it and it came back to me; @Gummo asked for clothes for his kiddo last year.


Yep, and I purposely got the little guy like clothes he wouldn’t get to put on for a few months.
As its hard to pin down a childs current size as they are known to grow so quickly
So I learned from my sister who has now a 2 year old girl to always go for a bigger size.


@mikeohara I think it’s good to mention general clothing size. I got a shirt I liked one year, but it turned out to be too large for my liking.

Happy shopping, everyone.


I am a fat ass and wear XXL shirts


dependent on what type of shirt it is, I wear either a 3XL or a 4XL. I just wish that for decent tees, I wasn’t paying $30-40 a shirt.


Hey Pertho was up. I haven’t received my assignment yet.


My dude, should’ve told me monday.

Gimme a second.


I’m a 2xl or 3xl
2 is comfy 3 isn’t a bad fit