2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend


all of my SS stuff is ordered, just waiting on shipping confirmation and then the package to actually arrive; then I can send it out.


Secret last minute sign up:


Stuff ordered for my Secret Santa.




Dumb question but we’ve only just got amazon here recently so haven’t really used it before
None of the shipping options specify they have tracking, is this just a thing with all amazon shipping or is there a hidden option somewhere I’m overlooking?


Amazon tracks orders for you already. As long as you have the order number to prove you made the order, its all good.

So yeah, Amazon be tracking like a jealous ex-girlfriend.


My bad man. I should have been more vigilant in signing up. If you needed someone else to even things out I’m down for participating still. But skimming the most recent posts it’s probably too late for that.


Also way late to this party. Is there someone really deserving on the forums this year that could use a little something for xmas?


Fantastic :slight_smile:
Thanks Pertho
Just waiting for it to give me tracking info then


Picked up my SS shit on Black Friday and ordered one thing on Amazon. Once the Amazon gift gets here I’ll be wrapping and shipping out, then send out that tracking info @Pertho



Being the first time I’ve done this I had amazon send gifts direct. Thought about delivering it home first and then wrapping it but decided against it.

Next time though. Got a bunch of Minnie Mouse wrapping paper that needs to get put to good use.


My SS stuff will be here on Monday from the looks of things. Gotta find a decent box with enough padding for everything, then probably shipping it out via FedEx around the 9th of December, when I get paid again.


I typically do that, but since I did some in store I want to ship all together.


Got my gift. Thank you secret santa. Gonna send mine Monday


gifts arrived today for my SS. Waiting to be paid so I can send it out.


Got my bits bought, will most likely plan to get it shipped out in the next week just in case real life hits and I miss international shipping before xmas


the gift(s) i plan on getting are pretty pricey but i plan on getting them around mid-december and thanks to having several international amazon accounts (thanks, amiibo hunting) i’ll get them their gifts in only a few days as opposed to 7-10 days.


Mine is in transit, I may have been to keen to begin the festive season haha
Also I didn’t wanna chance it so close to Christmas not having amazon’d before


Damn, I feel stupid now.


I just need to mail my things out.

Also a Reminder to myself to send Pertho the tracking number soon as I can.

UPDATE: Stuff is sent out. And I took a photo of the recipe with the tracking number and emailed that to Pertho.


wife got paid today, so I may be mailing my things out tomorrow. I have errands to run tomorrow during the day, and the UPS Store is about 10 minutes away from my wife’s house here.

edit: SS items have been sent, and an email has been dispatched to @Pertho with tracking information.