2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend


Sent out gifts yesterday. Hope my recipient enjoys my brand of humor. Thanks for a having a name I can poke fun at :wink:


got my stuff this morning. My SS (whoever they are) did a play on the whole O’Hara bit from the Bruce Lee movies, and also got me some really cool stuff! Also, my grandkids love the candy that was sent.


MY SS assigned person should of gotten their box by now.
I didn’t customize the stuff like I usually do, but I hope they like what I got them.


I also got another statue for the collection, now I’m missing Chun-Li and Cammy I think.



Show us that sweet loot


I do like what you got me, thank you!

The box came over the weekend, but I was caught in the family stuff loop or I would have logged on to thank you sooner.

I did find time already to drink about 5 cups of tea though, and I’ll be reading to my kids tonight!


My SS recipient should have gotten two of their gifts yesterday…






Stupid SRK the sentence is clear.


Yeah. The lack of pictures has been super upsetting.


For real. It’s even easier to upload pics with the new forum style. I used to use tinypic before all this. The struggle was real.


There are those who talk about it…

Thank you…now I guess I can finally get my PS3 fixed.


don’t worry, I’ll post pics later this week when I’m actually near my gifts :yum:


Okay, SS gifts have been ordered through Amazon and will be shipping direct to the recipient. Hope you enjoy!


I got my stuff! I’ll post pics when I can I been busy. I got my stuff to ship out, tomorrow just got made a federal holiday for Bushes funeral from what I been told. Should be shipping out Thursday.

I got a copy of Transformers animated movie and S1 Ash vs the evil dead :slight_smile:


Note to self, edit this text with pics of sweet sweet loot.


Just bought my Secret Santa gifts off amazon. Amazon says they should be there by the 13th.

I just hope they like them. :X


Or just make a new post, there probability be two or three post made after this one
and thats all before you be able to get your photo.


Obviously missing is my SFxTekken artbook that my SS gave me. It needs to be located while I’m here the next couple of days.


@pertho Amazon is telling me that UPS is having trouble delivering the package, need to verify an address.

Don’t want to ruin the ‘secret’ part of Secret Santa, but should I dm my recipient?


My stuff has been shipped.

@Pertho the tracking is in your email