2018 GD Secret Santa: Friendship with Santa Claus ended, Now Tech Talk is new Best Friend


@reticently give me a min.


Sure thing. Definitely gave Amazon a straight copy/paste from the email, so maybe it’s just UPS fucking up.


Sent my SS, emailed you the necessaries. One of the gifts I bought was stuck in customs hell for 5 days…


One of my secret Santa gifts have been sent. I had the rest of them ship together instead of separately cause I didn’t want my secret Santa to be bombarded with packages. They should be getting them all by Thursday though. At least that’s what amazon says


Who doesn’t love an avalanche of parcels though? :stuck_out_tongue:


In previous years, I sent everything separately and just added a few extra goodies and a personal letter to save on shipping. However, I followed the rules this year.


@Pertho - I have something that was digitally delivered as part of my SS gifts that I have uploaded for that person to view.

Is it cool if I message them the link so they can claim their goodies?


I mean, you’re not wrong. I love getting packages in the mail. I had like 5 packages delivered yesterday but like, I don’t know this persons schedule or what their life consists of. I don’t want them to miss a package or even worse get a package stolen from them (that time a year. People are douche bags) so I figured one giant box would be better than 59638 boxes.


You’re all good, sir.


Well after spending a week out in the boonies of Arkansas for work i find myself with a suspicious package left at my office door. BEHOLD!!! Thanks @mikeohara Also all the emblems have been redeemed :slight_smile: I’ll be sending out my SS stuff this week :wink:


I legit thought that was a Bungie branded condom. I had to zoom in.


I hadn’t noticed it, but now that you’ve said it it’s all I can see in that photo.


You’re welcome, my guy.


According to Amazon one of the three packages made it to my secret Santa today. The next one should arrive Wednesday and the last one should arrive Thursday.


My gifts should have arrived


Wow… I got an amazing haul, I still went a bit over the minimum but this is amazing, this community just shows why it’s so great… I don’t collect manga so as a dragon ball fan this gives me a chance to go and experience it at a pure form. A top gift


@earthwormben There should be 13 volumes of Dragon Ball all together. Amazon said it should all arrive by tomorrow. But it also said the poster would be there Thursday and low-and-behold you have it in your hands. So who the hell knows?

Also how was the poster delivered? Did it come in good shape? Did it happen to come in a poster tube? I was so worried about ordering a poster because every time ive ordered a poster online it’s came in questionable shape.

Glad you like everything!


Amazon app is telling me that the gifts I’d sent have (finally) been delivered!


The print came in a tube so was in great shape. Got all the books. Very generous gift, I hope my gift suffices :sweat_smile:


Good! Glad it came in a tube. <3