2018 & The Reaper


No, it William abdicate’s then it goes to his son Prince George. All of William’s line has to be dead before Harry can take the throne…


Ah yeah, I forgot about the kids.

Harry will never be king.


Strange how Prince Phillip isn’t King Phillip. If roles were reversed and Prince Philip became King, then his wife, Princess Elizabeth would automatically become Queen…


The Brits have had that longstanding rule where the husband of a reigning queen is always a prince.

It was the same when Queen Victoria made her husband Albert a prince consort.

He is a Prince of Greece and Denmark by birth, but had to be made a British prince in 1957.

Here’s another kicker - if Elizabeth dies before Philip, then Philip can take the title of King Father, similar to Elizabeth’s mother, Elizabeth I (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother).


Holy fuck, 2018 taking the biggest L since Club Penguin shut down. RIP SRK.


should of closed this thread like I had asked, jajajaja


I have a bad feeling James Earl Jones might be getting close.


Biggest death of 2018 is ironically SRK itself…


RIP SRK :cry:






Looks like we have our first victim of the year.


I take back what I said about SRK resting in peace. Sorry!

Move along now, lots more people scheduled for their appointment with the Reaper…


That’s two of them gone…


“Zombie” jokes incoming…




I was originally posting this for the whole ‘Tinky Winky freezing to death’ thing, but then I scrolled down and saw Dipsy was a brother!




Goodnight, Martin: