2018 & The Reaper


Art Bell and a few others passed away this weekend…


oh no.
and double oh no.

i grew up with night court.
thought everyone in the cast was great.



Damn!!! This is almost like 2016 if not worse…

Within 4 or 5 days, a handful of celebrities/athletes/famous people passed away… R.I.P.


Art Bell
Bruno Sammartino
R. Lee Ermey
Barbara Bush


Mini Me too


your trollin right?
not him too.


Nina Khurtsidze


Sad about Anthony Bourdain…


Today we lost a Wrestling Legend Nikolai Volkoff, WWE Hall of Famer dies at the age of 70
Greatest Heel at then the WWF ever had.


Here we go again…



koko the gorilla died like two months ago. just found out today.

RIP hun, now you can play with your kitten again


Robin Leach

John McCain


RIP. Now we have 5 presidents who are still alive…


Sorry, for being so late.

But this was the man, if Rabbit.

I AM late, I do realize.

God damn that bridge.

I was as LOUD, as a fanboi (possible homo, if not Neil, even… albeit, Ben called me good looking - totes no homo, I am sure… there WERE girls there, and I am sure he was machinating for my vested interest… but I got a drumstick, so no fucks given, 'tall), as any.

Rest in peace, Scott.


I’ll reiterate:

Rest in peace, Frightened Rabbit.

May there be peace, beneath the roar of the Forth Road Bridge.