2019 Black Friday/Cyber Monday thread: Go for Broke!

It’s that time of the year again!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us…so let’s post some deals.

Newegg’s Black November has started.


I’m looking to buy a 2TB SSD this year. My game drive is starting to full up. A Switch lite bundle is on my list as well.

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I’ll do my best to figure out the Walmart Black Friday deals before they officially get announced.


lookin for a 50 to 60 inch 4k tv for a steal, keep a bro posted. Trynna get my new pad situated

Costco holiday flyer leaked. Deals start 11/7 and go through 12/2 but it’s broken up between two different time frames

def need new Dualshock 4s, since my grandkids and their mother are getting my PS4 slim and our current controllers. Preferably those Silver and Gold DS4s.

Also looking for cheap deals on PS Plus as well.

When I went to Best Buy yesterday to buy Luigi Mansion they had stacks of brand new 55-60 inch Samsung TVs by the employee wait rooms. They were budget TVs from the looks of it.

Probably PC parts as well. I’ll share what i find around the sites.
Also keep a look out for https://www.bfads.net/ and https://slickdeals.net as well as https://www.cheapassgamer.com/ once it gets closer. Most places do the whole month for deals instead of just the typical BF stuff.

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Target Black Friday Ad



might be in at Target for new DualShock 4 controllers definitely, possibly NSO subscription. 3 years for $45 is very tempting.

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If anybody’s sees any good deals on a Switch, let me kno. I’ll invest in one this year for the right price


I’m hoping Walmart has similar deals for some of these games. Cause a lot of these prices are really really good. Plus add my employee discount? Yeah boi!

I’m hoping to get the following at Walmart that Target is going to have discounted

Aladdin/Lion King (Switch)
Crash CTR (Switch)
Crash Collection (Switch)
Spyro Collection (Switch)
Super Monkey Ball (Switch)

I actually get paid the day before thanksgiving. So it’ll be perfect if we have deals similar. The nearest target is about a 40 minute drive that I’m not willing to make.


I’m gonna shop at Target this year for our remaining stuff, mainly because I have my store account that needs to be used soon. 5% off the total is dope, and we have the money already set out to pay up to $200 on that account alone.

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I might be tempted to buy Kingdom Hearts 3 for $15. I jumping at Judgment for $30.


I just saw that PS4 VR Bundle from that Target add too.

hella tempting

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I’d get it, but I do not know where I would store the helmet and all of the excess stuff when VR wasn’t being used.

That is my issue as well on top of there are only 2 games for the hardware I want to play. Moss and Astro Bot.

I was in a pawn shop here locally it was I think a couple months ago, and they had the Gen2 VR kit for $125. It was in decent shape as well that I could see.

That bundle is insane. RE7 being in the bundle alone makes it worth it.

I finished Moss yesterday. Definitely a good game. It should bump PlayStation World’s for it.

Yeah that 5 game PSVR bundle definitely has my attention.