2026 for the 30th anniversary of DC vs Marvel? do you want a fighting game?



is my page. Please spread this like cancer. Copy and past but… here’s the page description. btw 1996… man I miss that time.

This group is designed to show fan input for a Marvel vs DC fighting game. Let’s rewind a bit… way back to the good ole’ days of 1996.
Street fighter alpha 2 and Mortal Kombat trilogy were THE BEST fighting games on the market. If you delved too deep into the internet you discovered you weren’t alone in wanting Street fighter vs Mortal Kombat.

Marvel Comics and DC had this wonderful idea to combine their efforts and make a cross over series called DC vs Marvel. They had fan participation to decide who won the fights. They eventually had the amalgam comics where you had wonderful gems like Dark Claw [batman + wolverine = dark claw], Super Soldier [Superman + Captain america = Super Soldier] and more. If you were a comic book fan it was definitely a time to be alive… kinda like now with the DCEU and the MCU going on in movie land.
Speaking of… with all the HYPE and comparisons with movie sales we all know that people love comic books. Also back in 96’ Street fighter vs X-men dropped in Japan on arcades and people who weren’t even into fighting games got into the genre. It was the start of the vs series that has gained such a following WE the fans have demanded and received Marvel vs Streetfighter, Marvel vs capcom, Marvel vs capcom 2 and after almost a decade Marvel vs Capcom 3, then despite all legal odds against our will to have ANOTHER TITLE, Marvel Capcom Infinite is set to release September 19th 2017. CLEARLY our voices have been heard!
So, I ask that you show your support and give some hype to let Warner Bros., Disney, Nether realms, Marvel, and Capcom create the VS GAME TO END ALL VS GAMES!!!: DC VS MARVEL: THE FIGHTING GAME.

Just think of it!!! It’s the IDEAL SITUATION. Nether realms has DC while Capcom had Marvel. Also Injustice gets around the main issue that would be there in we had MK vs SF [the blocking system]. Injustice uses traditional press back to block. Imagine they add guest characters from Capcom and Nether realm. Akuma is a must since he’s been in ever vs game since children of the atom and them throw in Scorpion.
Just spread the word and let these people know this is what we want.

So, basically I’m seeing that MvCi came about because of fan support. Like there weren’t planning to do it and lost the license but both parties understood it’s a bad idea to NOT make MvCi. Same with MvC3. People wanted MvC3 so bad it happened.

I know we’ve all [especially the older ones] wanted SFvMK for some time and once we saw injustice a memory from 96 lit a spark that made us realize just how much we’ve wanted DCvM. If fan support can make MvCi happen or make spider-man join the MCU I’m sure it can make DCvM happen with enough support. Please make a group, join mine, and just spread the word. Let’s be like cancer and spread this over and over. Keep this up till the game happens.

Ideal release date is 2026 for a 30th anniversary of DCvM comics. This is realistic since it doesn’t interfere with MvCi or Injustice at all and it gives developers time to make it the best game ever. Also more potentially awesome characters. I’ve honestly wanted this to be a thing the first time I saw the comic version. Back then I was playing x-men vs street fighter and reading those comics and wishing it was Avengers vs JLA.


Not interested. Next.


DC=Dat Capcom?


Actually I think this would be an interesting idea. Don’t know who I’d want to develop it though.

Kind of surprised it’s not a thing yet.


I’m actually surprised this didn’t become a thing in the 90’s when it was at the height of it’s popularity.
As far as who’d develop it I could see it being a joint venture with Nether realms and Capcom and incorporating gameplay mechanics from the Capcom vs series with Injustice.

A 2v2 system with the stage interactive items and special attack button from injustice along with super jump from mahvel and tagging system with the special moves and hyper/super/whatever you feel like calling them attacks being the middle ground of Injustice and Mahvel [exaggerated injustice and watered down marvel].

I personally feel it CAN happen if people show support for the idea and let the companies involved know we want it and are willing to dish out cash for it. Cause that’s how most of the MvC games happened in the first place. Not to mention a lot of people got into the FGC scene because of games like Marvel super heroes or MvC [I mean, I kinda dabbled in Street fighter a bit, but when I saw spider-man in a fighting game I got sucked in by the allure of playing as spider-man and now I’m watching EVO every year and following the Curleh Circuit and checking out capcom cup and other games I likely wouldn’t care that much about if not for the day I stumbled across Marvel Super Heroes in an arcade.].