206 Tuesdays - UMvC3, SSF4 AE 2012 + Others @Gamebreakerz LAN Center - Auburn, WA


Sticky please!

Hey everyone, we have been running UMvC3 tourneys on Tuesdays at Gamebreakerz in Auburn for the past 3 weeks. Just putting the info on here in case someone isn’t checking the facebook group page.

Location: Gamebreakerz

Next Tourney - 5/8/12 @8PM PST

Games - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken

Venue Fee - $3
Tourney - $10 for Marvel
Tourney - $5 for SSF4 AE 2012

2/3 Double elim
3/5 - Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals
Doors open - 4PM
Sign ups - 7PM
Tourney start - 8PM

We can add more games (SF4, KOF, Tekken) but just need the people to show up. We also run a stream to record some of the matches, check out the link below.


Replays can be found at - http://www.youtube.com/seattlefootclan


Bump, Tuesday is coming up and need a sticky


Does playing KOF by myself in training mode count?

I don’t have face book…


There are a few of us that play KOF casuals, come on out. If more people show up we can start doing tourneys like for Marvel.


Cool. I saw the website and was wondering if I need to bring monitor and xbox? I have sticks, 1te and onehori ex2


Just bring your stick, GB has consoles and game discs. We play on Xbox btw


Cool. One last question. I have Ex-Iori on my profile. I doubt they have him but maybe I could upload my profile on their xbox for game saves, no?


Not sure but can bring it and ask Shandor, he runs GB


For this Tuesday: http://www.facebook.com/events/196379620451611/


I’ll be there. Just got NESTS Kyo.


Won’t be making it. Still trying to kick this cold. >_<


12/20 UMvC3 Tourney - 14 entrants, thanks all for coming out!

Stream archive: http://www.twitch.tv/seattlefootclan/b/303201765

  1. Cam
  2. DrDoomKills
  3. MKP Conway
  4. Kyle
  5. Avi
  6. Rat
  7. Hyre
  8. Trace
  9. Shredder
  10. Charlie
  11. Nate
  12. KKF
  13. vince
  14. John


What has two thumbs and is hella fray? …


I plan on attending the one on the 27th. It is the only one I can make for the year.


FB event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/289638094416077/


Many GG’s were had, and the good times rolled.


GB Tuesday UMvC3 Tourney #6, 8 entrants. Randomly there were over 10 SF4 players but not even half wanted a tourney! Oh well, maybe next time

2nd: DrDoomKills
3rd: MKPConway
4th: Trace
5th: Beyonder
5th: Hyre
7th: Shredder
7th: Dave O



Coming up this Tuesday 1/10 : http://www.facebook.com/events/195852920510057/


I’ll be there this time. Solo KOF, ftl.


Good turnout tonight, thanks for coming out everyone. HBD to Mandel!

Stream archive: http://www.twitch.tv/seattlefootclan/b/305131962

UMvC3 - 15 entrants
1st: DrDoomKills
2nd: ThaiVega
3rd: Peachy
4th: Cam
5th: Deezo
5th: Aaron
7th: Martin
7th: Frank
9th: Shredder
9th: Dave O
9th: Cole
9th: Terrance
13th: Hyre
13th: Ray
13th: Mr K


SF4 AE 2012 - 16 entrants

1st: MHC
2nd: Gieft
3rd: Duncan
4th: Shredder
5th: Cole
5th: Ulyssis
7th: Deezo
7th: Scuba Steve
9th: Aaron
9th: Dave O
9th: Huey
9th: CPR
13th: Steve H
13th: Leo
13th: Kenny H
13th: Dan