207 Beatdown - Standish, ME 26th. (MvC3)



-$10 to enter $5 for Venue
-Date: March 26th
-Location: Culture Crew Gaming
15 Ossipee Trail
Standish, ME, 04084

  • Time: The doors open at 11am. Tournament starts at 3pm-3:30pm.

-Best out of 3 matches.
-Double elimination
-Bracket will be randomized
-Payout goes 70/20/10. If there is least then 16 people then it’s full payout.
The system it will be running on will be 360. I might run a SSFIV side tournament if enough people want to enter.

Maine players, this will be a great warm up tournament before heading down to Lowell MA for the Souper Bowl.


Nice. Is Shuma and Jill going to be legal? They will be out before then.


Yes, don’t see why I would ban them. :]


i miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be able to make this


I hope to make this, but I don’t know…


May not be able to do this unless the tournament is over by like 4:30pm or so.:confused:

I’ll def stop by for some casuals beforehand at the very least though.


unfortunately i’ve got work and won’t be able to make this, maybe some time in the future :slight_smile:


Wish I could have made it, but school work plus no time to practice plus low money = no tournament