209 (modesto) area

any sf4/gg/hdr players around the modesto area? most of my friends dont like these games anymore so its harder for me to get some quality playtime in for any good experience. hit me up im willing to drive a few towns away or can host a few people at my pad whenever i don’t work.

Hey you should give the stockton catz a shout out

yeah stockton is the closest place. stockton is really hyped on blazblue tho. the hype is going to die in about a month or 2 depends.

hmm, was really hoping that stockton wasnt the closest place that anyone lived… maybe somewhere inbetween there lies a few people? idk. either way, i bought blazblue yesterday too, picked up the pre order before work. so i’d be down to play sf4, hdr, bb, anything, if anyone feels like coming over and playing whenever i dont work (i usually only work every other weekend with random 1 or 2 days thrown into a 2 week period) i’d be more than happy to accommodate.

shameless bump for anyone else to see.

Most the comp is in Stockton as far as the valley goes, but I know for certain there’s a grip load of people in Modesto that play sf4, and cvs2. Have you checked the Modesto thread? I have some people from their on my live friend list.

I’m out by Tracy. If you ever host one or know of a gathering somewhere in the 209 then I’m down to go.

Sup Sage,most of us only play on ggpo mostly. I play everything…so if you want to
get some games in let me know …

thanks for the replies guys. um, before i created this thread, i searched through all the threads on the pacific north and couldnt find a modesto thread, is it somewhere in another subforum?

and to anyone else (namely people that can drive or get a ride) i can pretty much host whatever at my house whenever, comfortably up to 3-4 people, but more if you dont mind being cramped. i have a ps3 360 and wii for any games or whatever people want to bring, along with my computer in the same room. so send me a pm or post on this thread if anyone is interested in playing. my aim is isweepsi and msn is sage_0saka@msn.com hit me up on there too i’m usually on.

alright, after watching the sf4 live feed, it’s gotten me really pumped to play. my offer still stands, so i’d guess this is another bump. i check srk at least once a day so if anyone sends me a pm i’ll get it.

Hey Sage, modesto player here… My buddy and I play SF4 occasionally so maybe we can meet up some where and get some games in? Or play sf4 thru Live. :smiley:

unfortunately i have ps3 version, yeah i know shame on me lol. but i’m definitely down to play whenever anyone else is up for it as long as im not working. i dont work until friday this week so whenever you’re free send me a pm, or text/call me. i’ll pm you my number.

holy shit a 209 thread wus good i just got out of fkn bootcamp on my way to pensacola floirda to train for my rate but ill be home soon and ill post up and get down on some games!!!

How you livin hommie?

shit im doin good man fkn bootcamps sucked ass learned how fkn fold clothes and fkn stfu marched all day and was constipated for 8 weeks but im headin to floirda today at 2am from chicago then ill be home for a while in like a month so ill come to svgl now that i got some paper stacks!!! magus i loves u!!! no home norcal!!!

ya I miss you man, sounds like you in control though. Drop a line when you in the bay!

Well its gonna be marvel now, Obviously. Its ok, Better than sf4 IMO.

Do you smoke sage? Are you cool?

um, i don’t smoke a lot by myself, but when i’m with people that smoke, i usually will smoke a little. haha yeah i posted once or twice in you guys’ stockton thread but got no replies so thats why i made my own thread. my offer still stands you guys can hit me u whenever.

wats up modesto local here. currently attending ucsb, but in modesto allot. I’m down to play some games with you guys. sf4 for me