209 (modesto) area

allday marvel. marvel marvel marvel

Clockwork, All day son.

never doggggggggggggggg

Its the only team I can win with T_T

youll beat me with that team

aj styles is amazing

I dont care enough for marvel to want to win :<


Its just how it is. Its hard for me to like that game, I like playing it, But the game itself I cant fuckin stand.

well, like ive said before, i’m up for playing marvel, as well as sf4, hdr, or BB as well. hit me up whenever on here or on my aforementioned screen names.

Eh, Im a tekken person. :frowning: Sorry T_T, I mean im down to play but nothing is exciting for me anymore. Maybe I’ll like marvel more now, Who knows. CLOCKWORK SON.

sup guys how is everyone in here?

hey sage im in florida atm at the naval air base for training but ill be home in about 30 days ill hit you up for some games when im back in modesto maybe we can drive up to the bay and play or we can game it up at my place i got a 360 and a stick holla back

sounds good man, i have a ps3 and a stick so, not compatible, but we can do whatever, i’m always down. goes for the rest of you guys as well. hope to hear from you soon man.

well i have a TE for ps3 so as long as u provide the console its a go

Still want my Rematch Pat!! =)

Hey just reminding fellas bout this Sacramento tournament that is going to go down tomorrow. Hope to see yall out there! :party:

bump :confused:

if you set a date and time, i’m sure people will be interested. i don’t think you’ll get too much interested without something planned. unfortunately I do not have a place to host.

there is a gathering going on in livermore if you don’t mind driving about 30-35mins.

Turlock checking in here. My brother and I both play sf4 daily and it sucks that I can’t find anybody else to play with. I’ve made some trips to LA visiting family so playing at Arcade Infinity was a breath of fresh air. I travel to Elk Grove/Sacramento every few weekends as well. I used to play marvel but I suck at it these days. I used to also play A LOT of CvS2 at boomers (we were there every tuesday and every weekend) but that was years ago back when initial D 2 was still new there haha. I’m all sf4 these days. Unfortunately, I only have a stick for xbox360 but I’m considering a mod or just outright buying a new stick for ps3. If somethin official gets set up, I can account for 2-3 of us that would be willing to play.