209 tracy mall

Tracy mall has just upgrade their sf4 to AE just incase no one knew about it. anyone plan on going on a certain date??


Looks like I may have to make a trip out there sometime.

anyone cruising on by today?

SIICCCKKK anyone coming out this friday? ill be there after class.

That’s legit,I wish sac could get sumin like this but glad to see places having a cab.june 7th can’t come any faster for me lol

Yo guys, I live like a few blocks away from Tracy mall. I’ve been looking for a community for a long time so ever since I found out that Tracy Mall got AE I’ve been thinking that there has to be a community if they were able to get AE. So I main Juri, and I don’t have a fightstick (yet). The only practice I get on stick is at the mall, so I’m still learning. I try to go often and I am more than happy to play anyone, and meet some more players. I’m easily spotted wearing a red hat with a black dragon emblem on the front. If anyone would like to play; feel free to approach me. My name is Julius, and I play on PSN, If anyone would like to add me, my handle is the same as on here (BloodShadowX) Hopefully I meet some of you guys, as online has taught me everything it can at this point, all I need now is some good matches at the arcade.


[LEFT]so has anyone been there yet? is there alot of people there? im tired of driving over an hour to play at arcade[/LEFT]

I sometimes go over there on the weekends and there usually isn’t anyone playing. The most people I’ve seen on AE was about four to five.

damn that sucks

Hey I was there yesterday, gg to those 2 guys I played. The machine is slightly too low, and it felt weird in a way I couldn’t pinpoint (I wanna say input lag but reserving judgment for now), but there’s plenty of ventilation and the sticks/buttons seem fine. It’s one of those Korean conversion cabinets with the useless buttons near the monitor. I also lost my black/blue bracelet there…had that for years and took it with me to 10 different countries…some kid probably has it now.

thats cool that they upgraded, it took them awhile but yea! ill prob stop by this friday and check it out.

It’s super expensive, I think like 75 cents a game

I think it’s a dollar a game, unless they dropped it in price. I remember paying four quarters when I played.

Just got back from EVO2k11, Made me realize online play does absolutely NOTHING to help you play offline. Probably going to just start playing here at the arcade or casuals at friends house. If anyone remembers Im the Abel player with glasses.

Does anyone go to play here? I will come down if people are around.

So I got some time coming up next weekend, and I’d like to be able to bring out some of the Sac crew to play against Tracy’s finest. I’ve only played at that Fun Factory once, and I’d like to go again if the local turnout is high. Saturday August 20th anyone down?

god i hope its not a dollar a play…but shit arcade operators have the right to do that, each HD upgrade is about $7k and you need 2 for the 2 player set up…capcom is being gay and decided to cancel the 2 player 1 cabinet HD…

Let me know when yall play over theres id be doen to make a trip again.i went yesterday jus to shop and seen da setup it is kinda low but it was fun still.i jus need some decent comp

so i stop by here last week, played a couple of locals and the guy that works there, good games but the control panel next to the wall is not fasten down and it gets a little loud when performing some combos n stuff