20th century boys


Man…do I love Urasawa. After reading Monster I was absolutely amazed and needed to get my hands on everything this guy puts out. I don’t really like scans so i’m wondering if there are plans for Viz media to actually publish 20th century boys now. I heard Urasawa requested that they start after Monster ended. So, now it has. Anyone got any info about this?


Viz acquired the license for 20th Century Boys, they announced this last year. The first volume for 20th Century Boys in English is slated for February 17, 2009.


Good News


Didn’t like it that much towards the end.

Pretty good still, but I prefer Monster by far.

21st Century Boys is the conclusion.


Isn’t there supposed to be a Live Action adaptation?


Well, I’ve heard for monster there is a project supposedly. Haven’t heard about anything for 20th century boys though.