21 Days Left of Freedom - What Should I Do?


-Suitcase full of blow and drive to Vegas?

-seven day porn binge?

-Try to beat the seventy or so games in my backlog before I never see them again?

-Get Viscant, Dios-X and RoninChaos to re-enact the Jumbaco commercial?


Suitcase full of blow and cash to vegas, 7 day strip club binge.


Whats the story here?
Also drive to vegas. Then do the Jumbaco commercial.


Yeah need you to elaborate. Then I can answer.


Those two.



Mail me all your copies of From Software developed games. I will take care of them.

Seriously though, the hell did you do?


Whoa, what happened?

Prison sentence?


And they have to do it on the drive to Vegas, or else it doesn’t count.


Exactly what I thought of in the exact order.


Gabe’s getting married.


Take a photo of your (insert word here) now so you have something to remember it/them by, because the next few years of your life will ruin everything that it/they used to be able to do.

a) asshole

b) balls

c) cock


I hope your wife makes you sleep on the floor.


We can’t stop here, this is bat country.

  1. play video games
  2. drink with your boys
  3. do coke off a stripper’s ass



Three way.


Invade a cops drug convention at the Flamingo, grab Christina Ricci and keep her full of LSD


You really need to meet a better class of girl, Jie.

I can still do all three (military standards on the latter most one).

SRK Duckhole still does all three, at home, with his missus.

Though once again, to be fair, the stripper went to another friend.

But that was after the coke.

So, yeah.


-Buy a quarter of different medicinal chronic from a guy that is able to purchase at dispensary
-Buy an 1/8th of some shrooms
-Get a motorcycle license and buy either a superbike(around 1000cc) or a hyperbike(1000cc +) and pop wheelies(but don’t when on shrooms or smoked unless you have been riding motorcycle for a long time then fuck yeah!)
-LA got some fine women, fuck as many 10’s as possible
-Shoot guns
-Get tatted
-Do a little cocaine
-Try a back flip on solid ground
-sky dive

That’s what I would do


Jumbaco deal is right.
Marriage is wrong.
21 days is enough time to get a plane to Monaco. I’m just saying.

–Jay Snyder


I was really hoping this was a prison thread :frowning: