21 year old becomes UofChi's youngest M.D


pics and extra snippets in source

source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47688745/ns/health-health_care/t/prodigy-becomes-youngest-md-univ-chicago/#.T9J9hLBYukY

I wonder if he beliefs in evolution? :eek:


alright a real life doogie howser!



Good job, hopefully he can stop being a virgin next.


I never understood why certain things are restricted by age. If, at the age of 11, he wanted to become a doctor, it would be no different than if at the age of 20 he wanted to be one, or at the age of 50. He was lucky he was even given that opportunity. How the hell did he even impress them enough to be admitted in? I might take back my words.


that will be easy with all the gold diggers lined up

hopefully he doesn’t lose his virginity to the wrong one


He has to be careful, or some evil whore will come and fuck him over.


You beat me to, it, goddamnit.

Says he likes working with kids, confirmed pedo.

No, but seriously this dude is pretty much set for life and we’re all just jealous as fuck, admit it.

Because most people can’t handle that kind of responsibility.

In b4 Matriarch makes this thread about her.


this is bad news for all other asian kids


Hopefully he’s also smart enough to snap the condom on.

So you have an article about an Asian doctor and on the right you see black people with the headline “mugs in the news”. Talk about depressing stereotypes… lol


The evil whore WILL come regardless, especially with him being in the news like this. The key will be whether he’s smart enough to know the difference.


Probably not.


Just a little aside, but all these wunderkind/onceinadecadegeniuses need to go through a MANDATORY street smarts class as part of their upbringing, because it’s the things you DON"T learn in class that will help you avoid getting fucked up.


Let’s all donate to send this guy to evo!


Won’t work, he doesn’t have enough make up on, and there’s still a lingering stench from Karagate®.


Envy. I do wonder how much of a hand his parents had when he was a kid in all of this.


Well…its because he’s Asian.
Really, he’s like, 47 in normal people years.
Just look at him. He looks like he’s seen the horrors of war.


Apparently his sister is a prodigy as well.

So I’m assuming the parents have a huge hand in all of this.


i hope you don’t mean genetically.


I don’t.



What kind of people are in here?