21 years young and possibly homeless in the near future

Let my start by saying that my 21st was a great night, it’s the events afterward that I’m having trouble with.

This is gonna be long so please, bear with me…

So I turned 21 on March 4th, 2011. I had a great night, got torn down, blah blah blah.

The following day, after recovering, I go into my work. I work as a server in a restaurant. Anyway, I go in, on my day off just to get some food in my tummy. I had spent the previous amount of the day on the floor with a bucket in front of me. So I go in and ask for a table, my boss seats me and goes “how ya feelin?” I told him that last night was crazy but I’m okay. So I order a side of fries figuring it would be easy on my stomach. I get a call from my mom and of course I answer it and she asks me how I’m feeling and what I did. So I proceed to tell her EXACTLY what I did. My mom is hella cool and I know I can tell her anything and she won’t think less of me. I just didn’t mention any of the weed stuff to her. Not because she wouldn’t have understood, but because I was in my place of work, I know better. Not that she doesn’t know about it, she just doesn’t care even though she’s NEVER smoked before.

So, she asked what I did first. I rolled a fatty blunt with my one friend. My other friend came and picked us up and drove us to a local bar where he was friends with several bartenders. So I ordered an AMF and was instructed to chug that bitch, no stranger to hardcore retarded drinking to get drunk, I did. Then I had an Irish car-bomb. Then I drank a Black Bute Porter beer in honor of my friend who was working graveyard that night because people never cover graveyard shifts(except me). Then I had Three Wise Men shot, followed by some water. After a cigarette, I was ready to go back and get one last drink before we went back to my friends place to smoke more. I had an Alabama Slamma. That shit tastes like straight Kool-Aid, I chugged it. At this point I had no idea what was in any of those drinks. Anyway, we get back to my buddy’s place and at this point, I’m done. I’m still okay, but done.

This is exactly what I’m telling my mom in my place of work, albeit not very loud to the point where anyone can make out exactly what I’m saying, unless they’re listening.

So we’re back at my buddy’s place and he says “Yo D, you’re still standing you gotta drink more” I go “I’d rather smoke at this point” so he loads me a fat bowl and says kill it. I try but I’m too drunk to realize how big my hit was and fucking start coughing like crazy. I recover from my coughing fit and he goes here have a drink of this OJ. It had fucking vodka in it. He drives me to my sister’s place and then I spend the next 5 hours vomiting into a bucket in my 12 year old nephews room(he was spending the night at his cousins).

Again I didn’t mention smoking weed at my place of employment. I mentioned legal drinking activities on my free time.

So I tell my mom all of that in the restaurant, and one of my co-workers goes “Table 9 wants to know if you can talk a little softer” I’m at table 8, how close do you think those tables are? I go “Sure, I’ll be quiet.” Next thing I know my assistant manager is pulling me into the office on my day off. And is flipping out at me saying that the customers recognized me and I ruined their dining experience. What? Then he starts telling me how my conversation offended them. Mind you I basically what I said was “I drank a lot of booze and got sick but I’m fine now.”

As a result of this they had my assistant manager, who likes me btw throw me out of the restaurant. I get a text from him 2 mins later saying he sorry he had to make me leave.

So as far as I know this was just a random night and I should just go home.

Come to find out on Wednesday the 9th, the next day I had worked since my b-day. I asked for vacation time. I was fired. My district manager who hates me, fired me. I had worked there for three years, since I was 18. I had never had another job, no one agreed with me being fired. So that was that. I got my last check but I figured since I had my tax returns coming I’d be fine.

Well I’ve been jobless for two weeks and am behind on bills just waiting for my tax refund to put me into a good position until my unemployment starts flowing in. That doesn’t happen until the 28th because I have to take some stupid work source skills class. They’re going to shut off my Comcast on Monday and my power on the 30th and my phone on the 31st.

My roommate only knows I’m out of a job, not the other stuff because it’s all in my name because he owes those same companies money, aside from the cell phone. Did I mention he was my older brother?

So I wasn’t that worried though because “I’ll get my refund and I’ll just pay the bills. My refund will last me two full months even without unemployment.” I thought that especially since I haven’t smoked weed since the day after I got fired. The day I got fired I just got high all day like a stupid, lazy, depressed, self loathing stoner would.

Come to find out tonight I get an email from the IRS saying my refund was denied because of the PIN number I received online. I filed before my fucking birthday and now just got an email.

I’m literally about to kill myself! I’m frustrated and lost! I really won’t, I personally feel suicide is the easy way out My whole family is poor and lives paycheck to paycheck and most likely won’t be able to help me.

So SRK, what do?

That sucks. But it looks like all of that shit was your own fault.

Try finding another job? Maybe you can get your assistant manager to put in a good word for you at some other place. Or you can use him as a reference at the very least.

Your refund was denied? Can’t you just refile it? It’s not due until the April 15th, you made a copy right?

Anyway, if you’re really fucked sell your seed or some body parts.

EDIT: I prepare by taxes by paper (call me old fashioned). But just because you botched a PIN number doesn’t mean they keep your refund. That’s just retarded. I would look into it if I were you.

After friday comes fireday.

Sell shit on craigslist. Games, movies, furniture, whatever. Material things can be regained when you get another job. Just don’t go to a pawn shop.

They aren’t keeping my refund, it’s just going to take another two weeks to get to me. Also, I fully acknowledge this being mostly my fault.

I’ve been looking for another job too. I had an interview at Gamestop recently, not that I want to work there. I would honestly like another serving job, I loved my co-workers a couple of them became good friends of mine outside of work. I made ridiculous amounts of money as a server. At my place of work it was similar to iHop or Denny’s. But we didn’t have people to bus tables and exo/host it was all run by the server. So it’s really hard for me to go to minimum wage. I’m thinking about trying to become a bartender in the future, but I’m still worried about here and now.

This is why I made this thread, jokes at my own expense that are still so fucking funny I can at least laugh. SRK is the shit.

Yeah, I feel you. But everything I own, I bought with my hard earned money. I’m the youngest of 8 kids, you had to want you bread as a kid. I bought my Samsung HDTV for 600 dollars with this job. I custom built my computer and put 1100 dollars into it two years ago with this job. I bought my Sennheiser HD555s with this job. I bought a Xbox 360 Slim 250GB on one 8 hour shift on Sunday morning from 8AM to 4PM. Coming up with not so much, you really value the things that you worked hard for.

The worst thing about me getting fired though is I really feel it was just a case of my new manager didn’t like me. He had been there a month before I got fired. My assistant wants me to come back and my supervisor is literally one of my best friends. The shitty thing is I know I was a good worker and I liked my job. I was always half hour to 45 minutes early, because I take the fucking bus. And I always stayed late if they needed me. I mean shit, I worked 11 and a half hours on Christmas eve and then 10 and a half hours on Christmas day. I worked 22 hours in two days, I had more hours in those two days than some people all week. I’m really salty…

Your whole story seems like not that big a deal. If you have server experience, it’s mad easy to get another server job. (Hell, it’s easy getting a server job regardless as long as you’re not a total fuckup) Walk into any Applebees or TGIFridays and be like “Yo, I RUN shit now.”

BREATH. Go roll a blunt, take a hit, be easy for a few hours, then go hit any nearby restaurants and get back on your feet. Stow that suicide bullshit, you didn’t get KO’d yet. It’s just time for Round 2.


stop smoking weed because you next job will probably require a drug test

I heard from jail folk that if u eat a tiny amount of bleach wrapped in paper towel u can get rid of thc in ur system

I was homeless…it was interesting

Quit smoking weed, it makes you lazy and no employer wants a lazy ass worker…except Machinama.

don’t u know anyone that can give u a quick loan that’ll pay this month’s bills?
family members 4 instance?
also, don’t u have any money saved in your bank, like over a K?
this is why u gotta always have a couple bucks saved in your reg account, in case of emergencies.

i almost went homeless too when i was your age, i feel 4 u bro.
don’t live beyond your means either.money is better saved than spent, so spend like u live in the ghetto.
take care brah.

So your stoner self got so fucked up that you ruined a shitty ass job that most people would be embarrassed to have once they graduated high school, and you think your life is ruined?

You’re living paycheck to paycheck while buying expensive electronics that you refuse to give up, with nothing saved in the bank, you’re pretty much a stereotypical stoner with the added bonus of being overly dramatic

I’d say go ahead and end it, it’s not like you’re really giving up much anyway.

“You got to be a stupid mother fucker to get fired on your day off.”

stop smoking weed

its a terrible drug that makes you lazy and stupid. i smoke it occasionally, but only as a reward for having accomplished a shitload earlier in the day. if you are broke and unemployed, that’s exactly when you don’t want to smoke. ever.

Thanks man. Just gotta keep motivated.

More than likely it won’t. No server job does and my family with connections through Wells Fargo and Unitus CCU are trying to help me get a job as a collector or bank teller and they don’t test for those. I’d like to get the collections job, considering they start at 22K/year.

One week of bullshit then on to making an easy 100 bucks a shift.

I can quit ganja and detox like no one’s business. I quit for three months just because my tolerance was too high.

Alright, I’m not embarrassed being a server. I made good money because not only was I great at my job, but I liked it.

I’m living paycheck to paycheck, yes. For you to say that I’m spending my money on expensive electronics without fully understand who I am and what I have to deal with. My saved money went to my medical bills because I was planning on saving back up before I got fired and getting a car. If I don’t pay those bills they drastically effect my credit, therefore no car.

Can we get moar jokes nao?

Well I found myself unemployed with no money a couple of years back and am just recently getting caught up with all the debt I gained. My advise for you would be to swallow your pride and call the companies and ask for an extension. A lot of them have policies in place for people who have hit hard times. If you’ve been a good customer they’ll let you go a month or two before they actually shut anything off. I was too proud to beg and I regret it.

If you feel you really were good at your job and that your other co-workers and assistant manager thought so too, you should go back to your district manager, along with the others, and explain your situation to him/her. It doesn’t seem like he really even had a justifiable reason to fire you in the first place

I already did that. What they did for me was put me on re-hire status freeze for 30 days and I can go apply for a position at another restaurant in the company.

Wow you’re such a drama queen, i say kill yourself now… If you think losing your job at age 21 & now you’re going to be homeless is pretty pathetic…

word. Tons of people needing work come to my workplace (12 this month so far)…but the dumb fuckers ALWAYS fail the drug test. You got no job, how the utter-flutter can you afford weed? You better be trying to buy some damn food.

Learn to sacrifice and stop just doing shit that makes you feel good in the moment. The more you escape reality the more it’s going to try and escape you until all you’re left with is the feeling of confusion as to how you got to that point in your life.