23 inch lagless hd monitor

LG w2363d

Review of the 23? LG W2363D 120Hz Full HD 3D Gaming Monitor - 3D Vision Blog

if you live in the states, you can only import this monitor. if you have friends in europe or asia, have them ship you one. otherwise, you can go through this guy for 588.07 dollars.


it’s pretty steep, but it is a 120hz 3D lcd monitor. covers shipping, inflation, and a 10% service charge. he looks for the cheapest possible price for you as well. takes about 5 days after payment and he takes paypal. hopefully LG adds this option to their big screens soon.

Oh wow, I couldn’t care less!

I have the w2363v version.

Compared to the W2363d:

W2363v has 2ms g2g to w2363d’s 3ms g2g.

W2363v is all white with a black trim.

W2363v doesn’t have a 120hz 3d mode.

The thru mode on the W2363v does work as advertised and maybe as well as the w2363d.

I had to buy the w2363v on amazon.jp and have a forwarding service send it to me.

It cost more money, but to have a near lagless quality display made it worth it.

it also looks like the 63v has vga capability. 63d only has two hdmi and a dvi-d. and yes, i’m now looking at hd where an old crt used to sit and it’s creamy.

Yeah. Thats true. And the 63v has component video. I hooked up my wii to it and was able to play all the games with thru mode and no lag. I think the video quality through component suffers a bit.

My hardcore street fighter friends want to get one but it is to much of a hassle to import it.

I don’t really want a 3d tv yet. I want to wait until the technology gets better and cheaper.

I was going to get another one but I’ll wait and see if anything better comes out in the following year.