24/7 E.Honda Channel

Hi guys,

I’ve started up a channel that plays nothing but ehonda videos all day, all night.
I’ll be adding content weekly.

Check it out at


I’m curating jewelman, mike ross, who else?

MrSNK, Akimo, Shawmin(?)… Idk bff jill.

Thanks, I just added these 20+ vids of sneakysneaktron, akimo, MrSRK, o wa re jp, kusiro, Kibayshi64X2, hige 8 daruma, WDM Nargal,Konton3, TTC Noah

Gonna add shawmin and who is bff jill??

Awesome! I had no idea TTC Noah played Honda, though? Thought he was a Dictator main.

“idk bff jill” is just a slang phrase to mean “I don’t know” – I was just saying I was out of ideas, haha.

<— me

good shit ill tune in randomly during the day