24/7 Korean SF2CE live feed?



Can someone tell me what this is, from what I noticed… it looks like a live feed in Korea through a SF2CE machine… (source: GFB Hub) I can hear the sounds of buttons and voices clearly… (this is 1:41AM PST, or around 17:30PM @ Seoul, Korea) Earlier today I just saw a guy playing the CPU.

I opened it fine with WMP.

If this is really true, then that’s a really great idea for arcades (probably in Japan) to endorse their games and match qualities through the internet, and to keep us entertained.

My question is… does it cost alot to have a live feed linked through the board (my guess), to the web ?


I watch the feed regularly. The best times seem to be 9am to 2pm GMT. I chat to the guy running the feed sometimes aswell in the chat room. According to him the best times to watch is when the arcade closes, as thats when the “members” (best players) come to play.


RGBS->composite/S-video adapter + wiring it to cabinet: ~$100
high-quality capture device: ~$100
VLC (accessing capture device, and streaming live): $0
Knowledge to do it all: priceless

You can do it for less, cutting corners on the capture device. Pretty simple to do, if you know how.


This is very cool! Thanks for the link.

The action’s so fast, I watch it every day! --obscure SF2 reference

I’m seeing a lot of Ryu, some Guile, some Dictator and a lot of the players are very good. I just wish I could see some Korean ST stuff too.


Ah, I was there yesterday day cheesing fools with Dic.

That arcade actually has ST in one of the cabinets that’s linked to the broadcasting computer. The setup is like this. There are 5 back to back setups for CE, but the 4th set of cabinets has CE and 3s and you can choose which game to play by toggling a switch. The 5th set has CE + ST using the same switch button mechanism to change between games. So they have 2 boards inside those cabinets and to my disappointment, ST isn’t the game of choice most of the time. It still gets more play than 3s though, nobody even knows what parry is at that arcade.

I’ve been trying to play as much ST as possible at that arcade when their top CE players are there, but with the exception of a CE player that’s pretty decent in ST with N.Ryu, they just don’t know how to play ST. I’ve dipped my toe into CE in hopes that I can dip their toes in ST. I’ve been semi-successful so far. A couple of CE players asked me how to do some of the new moves, like Vega’s flipkick.

I can see them becoming very good at ST if only they learned about the minor/major differences each of their characters have in ST. For example, one of the CE guys decided to try out Guile in ST and he kept trying to backfist while still charging back so it’ll only take learning stuff like that for characters like Guile, Ryu, and Sagat for them to be competitive in ST. I think the CE Dic players are gonna have the most trouble if they ever started playing ST though.


Why doesnt it work now? Because it’s Sunday?


Maybe cause it’s 8 am in Seoul? :rolleyes:


Good stuff; you must have skills if you can hang with those guys. Cool report too. :tup:

Yeah, that’s why I’d be so interested in seeing a real Korean ST scene. They’re already so amazingly good at other games that it would be awesome to see what they could do in this one. Japan vs. Korea ST rivalry = ??? = profit.


I’ve been a regular watcher since I first saw this posted on gfb. Good stuff. I wonder if they have enough cabinets to play on :arazz:


Bump because the live feed is cool.


the stream keeps dropping for me… the audio is constant but the video is almost unwatchable… is there a lower quality version that would work better?

I found the website for the stream, it seems I am not the only one with this problem. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


edit 2 Stream is fixed!


Cool. I would like to watch this, but only a blue screen just appears when I use this link. mms:// Can anyone tell me why?

Edit: Windows Media Player does come up, but a blue square appears inside where the footage should be.


When that happens it means your trying to watch it when its down. You must remember that your most likely 12 hours behind Korea. Watch it during the night not the day.


Didn’t think of that. :sweat: Anyway, I think it’s viewable now, I just have to check. Thanks Sanjuro, for that answer.


I think it’s amazing that they’ll have random decent payers show up and play at 6:30 AM.


Any tips on making the stream run better?


Sometimes it runs smooth for me sometimes it doesn’t. I think the server is just a little slow sometimes.


a tourney is streaming live right now! check it out! seems like a lot of people are entered!