24/7 SRK Live Stream Discussion

The stream numbers low most of the day, but I guess it’s because most people think it’s a bit more random.

Got Fchamp on the stream right now, not sure how long he’s staying on. Feel free to bump when some good matches are going on so people tune in.

Damn, I’m disappointed that I missed him playing…I hope him and other good Sims get on there regularly.

There were some decent matches between him and Grimmz and some Ibuki kinda lit him up.

How’d Grimz do against him?

Got some 13k Cody laying waste to everyone that doesn’t know their Cody match ups. Lulz.

Myself included.

I only saw 2-3. Grimmz did good, took one or two of the matches.

Hehe I think that was me.

It was! You bounced too early tho!

It was past my bedtime :slight_smile:

Serious shit in that lobby. I was in there in the other night.

Had few matches earlier today. My Bison went 2-1 and I went 1-0 with Cammy.

Glad I got to introduce the world to Bison’s cross up crusher after throw. That shit clutched me out a round against the Ken I played.

Would have stayed longer but some friends of mine wanted to play Black Ops…

Edit: Just found my matches in the archives lol. Laggy as hell. Can barely tell what is going on.

when do all the crazy peeps play on this stream? I get tired of trolling.

Ski’s fuerte putting everyone on notice

Got some decent play going on!

Looks like stream reboot!!

i play in there every now and then

Good stuff from time to time. If you wanna laugh at someone getting salty, just look for me playing xD

lol! ;d

Salty isn’t funny when you yourself use it and hammer it to death like you do.

This is one of if not the highest quality streams I have seen. It’s so fluid. What kind of capture card and internet connection is this running on?