24 hour Canadian Live stream?

Hey people, a little before Canada Cup went down i was hosting a Livestream for a short while. While I am not doing one for Canada, I thought if we had a livestream directed towards Canada, where Canadian players could come and just play each other and have ti streamed they could.

I do not assume that I should host this because I am not really sure how the connection between Edmonton and places like mtl would be. How ever I think the idea is a good one. It could have some potential and bring some form of entertainment to the Canadian SRK community.

I have a few idea’s I would like to try with it, basically want to see if people here are interested in it all together

Having one stream for all of Canada is probably a bad idea, but doing a west coast/east coast stream would be pretty cool. I don’t know if there’s enough of a playerbase for it to last, though.

anyone able to detail what is needed to run a live stream? i would love to get one set up at Heroes World during casuals, so we can at least stream some matches that way. Basically looking for a list of equipment needed to get it going and a quick explain on what is involved in getting it running.


We can run a live stream most the time at HQ in Montreal… let me look into this not 100% sure we will do it as it would cut our main station when everyone is at HQ getting some casuals in …

great to see some postive feed back. I think the player base in Canada is maybe underrated? but thats just my own opinion. Having 2 streams is fine, one was what I was thinking but it takes time to get something off the ground haha so what ever works best is fine.

For anyone interested in doing this what I USE is a HD pvr to capture what is going on, on the TV and then I use pro caster for my pc and use the site Livestream - Be There :: Broadcast LIVE streaming video to record what ever goes on on my PC. Oh yeah derp I also a decent computer with a decent graffics card to grab the video. all that and your set!

According to Bison over at Bison’s Autoshop, if you stream HD your bandwidth gets choked VERY fast. I think they’re using a 512 kbps or 1mbps upload.

I run a weekly online tournament stream out of Vancouver every Tuesday at 7pm PST for the Something Awful forums. I have tried running online tournaments for the local SRK scene and there is ZERO interest from the Vancouver guys in playing online. Bandwidth is also a problem here as we all have to deal with caps because of the broadband cartels. FIOS access is also limited to select highrises downtown only. I only have about 850k real world bandwidth available for upload.

If any western provinces people are interested in playing online tournaments on PSN, I am willing to run the brackets and the stream if I can get sufficient numbers.

This is do-able. Upload speeds are ass across the canada board. However the biggest problem is bandwidth caps. Quebec is the best bet to do this as they have the best Internet infrastructure of all the provinces in Canada. Videotron is GODLIKE.

wow I never knew that about mtl and i never knew there was something like that over there in van. hmm I am more than willing to host for the werstern scene if it is possible. The idea of just having a open stream for people to play in is nice. plus we could always try to make a tournament out of it and what not. if mtl can put up some of their streamed matches it would be cool

Also if other cities are interested in just streaming casuals it would make sense to have it posted in a thread here maybe tittled “Canadian streams” and we just post it up and let people watch when ever.

Just throwing the idea out there because with mvc3 coming out, I can see the potential for online sf to be even bigger. As well as mk9 bbcs2 etc etc

I could run it, but i stand the chance of the stream getting raped by Chinese streams courtesy of my dad.

I’m really late with this one (mixture of being lazy and work getting in the way, and little to zero interest at all), but I’m still working on a HD stream I will be running once a week geared towards Canadian players. It?s been working on a touch and go with XUpYourGameX to iron out any visual issues I’ve been experiencing.
I?ll keep everyone posted when it goes live.
However during the testing period of running it for nearly three weeks straight of endless on XBL no one took any interest to it, and most of the time the room was empty.

Unless you guys have over 1MB Upload speed you can forget about streaming in true HD … if you guys mean streming 16:9 but in normal quality then ok but you still need something decent over 500k Upload speed. Im waiting on a part to be able to plug the new VGA setup at HQ so we can stream … I will do some tests … Yesterday we were 5 in a room and i was webcam streaming at the same time with no problem … so ill test soon and update in this thread …
I wish we had faster internet at HQ we would stream in true HD but videotron has no network around the office (would cost 10 000$ to implement one so ya lol) As for our DSL we are in between 2 Central Offices … so we get decent download (10MB) and id say decent upload for DSL (700-800k average)

SO stay tuned

Hey skitzo thats cool that you are trying to get something going but it seems to me that if you are not known in the scene nobody gives a shit.

I’m running Rogers Ultimate, 50mbps down, 2mbps up (in and around) So HD isn’t really that big of an issue for me to run. :slight_smile:

^^ Sadly this ^^

This. The shop had to up their bandwidth to 1mbps to do HD or else putting up a decent looking stream was impossible. Also need a good pc, which also had to be upgraded. Running HD and associated programs takes a lot out of the PC.

robbie; catch me on IRC or on MSN when you get a chance. I got new tech for you guys :slight_smile:

umm idk i think if we could get something like peaceful jay quality running then it would be good enough?

Everyone test this out. Quality isnt the greatest right now but we(CrankyPunk) are still working out the kinks. Also we are not sure if we will remain on justin TV or Ustream, but for now please stress test this mofo!

MTLSF on Justin.tv

Please add MTLSFHQ to your friends list on XBL.

Good shit MTL!