24: Live Another Day - The BAUER is back May 5!


24 comes back May 5, and the first episode will be two hours. Even though it’s a miniseries, it still follows the 24-hour format.

Wiki: http://24.wikia.com/wiki/24:_Live_Another_Day

Confirming the two-hour premiere:

May 5 date confirmation:

12 episodes spanning one day:

I wonder if this means that each episode is two hours?
EDIT: Nope

Apparently, Jack and Chloe aren’t allies this time:

James Heller is the President:


I made a glossary of all the terms SRK made up over the seasons. I dug up the old stuff from a site and compiled everything into a text file.

Mark your calendars and prepare yourselves. Our Lord is returning, and we must be ready.





Great news, let the count down begin.


Damn im only on season 3 on netflix i gotta hurry and catch up


:lol: The old 24 threads were the best. Too bad it isn’t being shown earlier, 24 hype helped me get through the boring winter/spring months.


I’m totally expecting either Az or Voodazz to show up and recap each episode.


It’s a shame that AZ has been MIA, but I hope Voodazz will keep the tradition alive. All hail Bauer!

I know there’s more to Chloe and Jack being “frenemies”, I kind of wished Jack could find some peace in his life at the end of this season. Dude has saved the world 6 times already, give the man a break…


Thank You Based God Bauer!


I got a lot of catching up to do…


lol those old ass threads were too good. i still remember the jack bauer agis reflector move with the table.


I remember SRK coming up with the name Red Phoenix for Jack’s girl :rofl:


Az’ recaps were so Fucking awesome every week. Jack vs chloe? I don’tlike the sound of that one bit. Kim raver is back and Yvonne strahovski is reportedly in it too.


Cannot get better TV than 24, completely hyped to the max for this shit


I hope Mandy comes back. Haven’t seen her in a while.


down for the count!


I remember that last thread mentioning something like a return to one of the previous seasons, either Time-wise or returning characters. Anyone wanna give that rundown and/or what season or was that old plot scrapped?

I’d love to watch it all from the beginning again, but only if I had someone who hadn’t seen it before.

And as much as I hate seeing Kim, I luuuv seeing Elisha Cuthbert (sp?), really hoping she shows up.

Can’t wait to see more Jack- “MUH-FUUCKIN’ BIG BOSS” BAUER!


Azrael’s recaps was what brought me to SRK, not Capcom haha. I wish it was all archived

New 24 new Boondocks Better Call Saul and final season of SoA all in 2014. FEED ME MOAR


I can’t wait, I actually start watching 24 during season 4 thanks to SRK.
At that time the series was pretty low profile in Holland.

Im currently rewatching all season in a buildup towards season 9.
Time for Bauer to be unleashed again!


Conspiracy theory. David Hayter and Kiefer Sutherland got together and swapped careers. On the season premiere you will find that Jack Bauer is now played by David Hayter. Snake voice and all.


official bauer-song :cool: