24 Year old HS teach,Meredith Powell,was banging students.Yes there is FB page for her,"Free Powell"


I wasnt gonna give a shit to make this thread and just post it in the lounge, but shes pretty decent looking and there is a facebook group for her called, FREE POWELL. looool

so pics, link to the story, and some quotes from, free powell, below. lol, you dumb ass. youre 24, you see all these teachers get pwned for fucking students, and you still do it, with not one thats at least of age, but like 3, varying in many ages. the dudes didnt snitch by the way, one of their girlfriends caught a text from the teacher and snitched. GOT EM

and last but not least, some shit from the facebook group

get ready for your brain to explode




She is a sex offender, a predator, a danger to society. Add her to the sex offender registry and throw her in jail. The boys are now traumatized for life and will never be the same.

Oh wait, it’s a female, so it’s alright then, lets pity her instead.


Couldn’t agree more, no fucking double standards.

Jail her.


would smash

i thought we already had a Bad Teacher’s thread?


mo pics. lol at the facebook page. its mostly dudes being like fuck yeah, i wish i was 15, and few brain dead females being like omg get over it, those boys are fine.







It pretty much shows the innate subjectivity and deference humans- ergo society, has on a whole. So while a male employee of an educational facility (who isn’t a coach winning championships {male worth = purpose, usefulness}) would be seen as a depraved predator, a [attractive] female employee will be seen as a victim of her emotions or mental issues (femininity = vulnerability). Even I am susceptible, as those photographs make her seem very charming and likeable as a person, and I bet for those close to her who’ve been charmed, they are still under her spell.

This is why taking a logical or moral highground is so difficult, in societies they shift with the seasons.


<<<this thread is Nigel Ratburn approved


i cannot imagine having a thirst so strong, that im willing to risk everything for it. lol. teenagers irritate me. lol. id be hard pressed to find any of them attractive. id be like, you fuckers make me drank too much! i wonder who intiated first. everyones pretty bold these days, the dudes were probably like, fuck it, im just gonna try to hit that, if she says no, whatever, its not like im going to get suspended. turns out, oh damn, i got my d sucked.

she was on a tirade too. not one, not two, but she was searching for 3 dicks. all my dick has to hear is jail, and it will refuse to work. lol. lol at using your own cellphone for this shit too. just use tor browser and text to chat online, never admitting to or using your government name, and hide that laptop somewhere in the fucking wall or some shit after every use. not that i condone her in school being horny as fuck, and cannot wait until an assembly or one of her students need some after school help so she can suck their dicks and fuck them.

the funny part is, most dudes dont care about this story other then the unfairness in these cases when its men involved, and the ladies dont really care that much in general for some reason, probably because they have innapropriate thoughts all the time.

did we all forget about that whole, twilight moms, thing. how ridiculous was that. all those nerdy suburban house moms probably at home wishing one of those teen boys in the neighborhood would just break her off a piece of dick one day on the low low. lol. tired of their fat, stinky old husbands pounding them. ha

i guess everyones wired differently. whatever. you goin to jail now meredith. i hope youve seen orange is the new black. meredith just need some of age black dick. these white girls, im tellin yall, all you need is some black dick. hang around us a bit, its fun, and we love white vagina. black dick woulda got all that perversion out of her system. bitch was probably too backed up, so she started picking off easy targets just to get laid. smh. loser


#FreeMissPowell right into my bedroom.


So a woman bangs an underage boy and everyone needs to be understanding and sympathetic to her issues. A guy bangs an underage girl and he’s now the devil incarnate.


Males put that mentality on themselves


After examination. I’m siding with Razor with this one.


You people are so petty minded.
Rather than trying to drag her down, you should be trying to ELEVATE male predators.

You don’t want double standards? Stop wearing sweatpants and hanging out in smelly vans. Get a nice haircut. Hit the gym. See a dentist.
Maybe if you were more attractive people wouldn’t be demonizing you as the filthy, sweaty child rapists you are.

fucking scrubs.




happy valentines day


This bitch can go fuck herself. Jail her dumb ass. That’s some disgusting shit to take advantage of kids that way (yeah, even in high school they’re still kids).

Free Powell my aching ass.


That page is probably boys from her school that want some free pussy.


:coffee: decent calves, :tup: would hit. I hope they make an example out of her and stop the double standards.


What are the chances the gf told on some spiteful ish? “Messed with my man? Oh I’m fixin to get this bitch.”

Seriously though what is with these young teachers wanting to bang teenagers? It can’t be wanting to have control in the relationship cuz lets face it she has a vagina and there are enough simp men out there around her age that will grovel at her feet. Truly a damn shame.