24hr 3rd Strike Stream

For at least the next 24hr I will be hosting a open xbox360 lobby that will be streamed. In celebration of the game and trying to get more people into the game. So come chat and watch each other fight. I wont be fighting much as I will be at work! http://twitch.tv/failgaming
Look for Yenoham on the player match list

I know most are not interested but its back up! Sorry It had issues while I was at work

Its up! We had a really good turn out last night! If you want to join search for Yenoham on the player match list or send me a msg!

24/7 Stream is back up
http://justin.tv/failgaming Look for Yenoham on the player matches(xbox360). Sorry If a big ERROR player has disconnected thing comes up. I could be at work or sleeping and will get rid of it and soon as I see it…