24HR B-DAY LOCK IN @WaBa : Sept. 19th&20th : Duluth, GA


Birthday Bash Lock In!!! 24 Hours of FUN!!!
Gaming & Dancing Tournaments and MORE!!!

–If you stay from start to finish 6pm to 6pm without falling asleep…you will be awarded with a FREE Waba Game Ultimate Gamer Challenge T-Shirt!

Waba Game
3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 678-417-9222
E-Mail: wabagames@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.wabagame.com
MapQuest: http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Du…&zipcode=30096
YahooMaps: http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&lat=34…20ga%252030096

Note: This location is about a 20 minutes car ride away from the Doraville MARTA train station, something that should not be overlooked. It will be possible to arrange transportation from the train station to the venue. Waba will offer pick up and drop off service from Doraville Station for a $3/person fee. Waba will leave Doraville at 5:30pm Saturday and drop off at 6:30pm Sunday!

Sept. 19th&20th, 2009
Registration Starts: 6pm Sat. 19th
This is a 24HR EVENT!!!
Event End Time: 6pm Sun. 20th

$10 Door Fee (meals NOT included, but can be purchased seperately*)

*$5 per meal ticket. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED inside Waba or the Training Center! NO exceptions. But, you may leave to go eat and re-enter Waba at anytime, just don’t miss your tournament or event!

(PS3) Street Fighter 4 Tournament : $10
(PS3) BlazBlue Tournament : $10
(PS3) King of Fighters 12 Tournament : $10
(DC) Marvel vs Capcom 2 : $5
(PS3) Tekken Dark Resurrection : $5
(Wii) SSBB : $10 singles/$20 teams
(NGC) SSBM : $10 singles/$20 teams

70/20/10 pot split for all games.
100% of pot fee goes to winners

General Tournament Rules:
2/3 sets
3/5 for Semi’s, LF, WF
4/7 for GF
Winner must retain same character/team.
Double elimination brackets.

This allows the tournament directors and any other individuals involved to correctly gauge and determine a good estimate on how many people will show up and participate in any given events. You are encouraged to pre-register to make it easier on us. Thanks in advance.

Name "Tag"

Min "OldBoy"
Duluth, GA


9/19 Sat. 6pm–Registration Starts for all events
9/19 Sat. 7pm til 9pm–Casual Gaming and B-Boy Cyphering
9/19 Sat. 9pm til 10pm–Food Break (WabaWings w/side of sticky rice)
9/19 Sat. 10pm–SF4(PS3) Tournament begins
9/19 Sat. 10pm–SSBB(Brawl) Tournament begins(Teams)
9/19 Sat. 11pm–BBoy Crew Battles begins
9/19 Sat. Midnight–SSBB(Brawl) Tournament begins(Singles)
9/19 Sat. Midnight–Table Tennis Tournament Begins
9/20 Sun. 2am–Rave Dance Party begins til 6am!
9/20 Sun. 2am–Casuals in Fighting Games all night!
9/20 Sun. 2am–MOVIE on the BIG SCREEN: Final Fantasy: Advent Children Extended Directer’s Cut(BluRay)
9/20 Sun. 4:30am–Gaming on the BIG SCREEN: Tekken DR tournament begins
9/20 Sun. 7am–Breakfast is served (Muffins/bagels/coffee)
9/20 Sun. 10am–SSBM(Melee) Tournament begins(Teams)
9/20 Sun. Noon–Lunch is served(Hamburgers/Hotdogs)
9/20 Sun. 1pm–SSBM(Melee) Tournament begins(Singles)
9/20 Sun. 1pm–MvC2(DC) Tournament begins
9/20 Sun. 1pm–KOF12(PS3) Tournament begins
9/20 Sun. 1pm–BlazBlue(PS3) Tournament begins
9/20 Sun. 1pm–1v1 PoPPin’ Tournament begins
9/20 Sun. 1pm–1v1 BBoYin’ Tournament begins
9/20 Sun. 6pm–Event is Over, Now get some SLEEP people!**

–If you stay from start to finish 6pm to 6pm without falling asleep…you will be awarded with a FREE Waba Game Ultimate Gamer Challenge T-Shirt!