24mm vs. 1inch


I’m looking to add a hole to my current stick for my RJ-45. Trouble finding it at any local hardware stores. But i’m doing my conversions. I know it’s larger but will a 1 inch hole saw drill bit over lap my RJ-45?:looney: anyone have any exp. with using an 1inch rather then 24mm exact?

If anyone has suggestions or any place within the San Jose area that might carry I would love to get my hands on it:sweat:

I have one here if anyone want to take a look http://www.lowes.com/pd_300702-70-PC100L_4294857551_?productId=3031564&Ntt=hole%20saw%20bit&Ntk=i_products&Ns=p_product_price|1&pl=1&currentURL=/pl_Drill%2BBits_4294857551__s?Ntk=i_products$rpp=15$Ntt=hole%20saw%20bit$Ns=p_product_price|1


Yes, you MUST have a 24mm drill bit You’ll have nasty looking holes hanging along the edges of the neutrik adapter if you use an inch. The length is negligible, and I don’t think it would bother the mount, but just for appearance sakes, get a 24mm.

I got mine at a local hardware store. My problem finding them though was using metric measurements. I swear, that illicits the most confused looks I’ve seen in my life. You might get better responses by telling them 15/16" (like I said, it’s negligible, but you’d be surprised about the difference.


For wood I say just order a 24mm forstner bit from woodcraft.com. There is a store in San Carlos, but that is maybe a 45 min drive depending on where in SJ you at.

For plastic, you can use a hole saw, try going to an Ace hardware. They have 15/16 hole saws. Try an Orchard Supply Hardware as well.

1 inch is too big for Neutrik. Also, you need to use the switchcraft rj-45 for wood.


Thanks guys. To be more exact near Milpitas. I have a ace. Now question is do they have it? Ace hardware off Oakland. Anyone use 15/16’’ bit and get nice results?


You don’t HAVE to have anything… there is more than one way to skin a cat…and put a hole in your stick.

I used a 7/8ths drill bit and used a little drum sander attachment thinggy to do the rest.


When you used the 7/8ths how much sanding after that?


Try that Orchard Supply Hardware on N Milpitas Blvd near Calaveras. The OSH close to me had them with any luck they might too. The 15/16 inch hole saw is equivalant to 24mm.


Nice, how much did it run you? I also wish Osh had a working website to shop on.


That’s what I used. It’s the exact same measurements as 24mm. Fits very nicely.


Not too much. The drill I used was a piece of poo so that made it a challenge. I’d go for what these guys are suggesting.


We sell 24mm drill bits in our DIY section. Shipping kinda kills the deal if that’s all you need, but if there are other things you are interested in picking up at the same time, I would suggest you look into that option.


I couldn’t find 24 or 30 mm bits for my current project, just used a 15/16" (23.8 mm) and a 1 1/8" (28.57mm). Worked great, though I wish I had the actual right bits.


I think the hole saw set was in the neighborhood of $12. A hole saw bit has two parts, the outer hole saw and the pilot bit which is a drill bit that goes in the center and into your drill chuck. I can’t remember if I had to buy the hole saw and the pilot bit seperate, but you need both. Sometimes they come together.