25 Foods You'll Never Be Able To Eat Again

Thought this deserved it’s own thread so here goes:


I miss P.B. Crisps =/

I think someone may have posted this in one of the earlier iterations of the lounge…

FourLoko is gone? a sad day for underage drinkers, high school ditching parties will never be the same.

Four Loko isn’t gone, they just removed the caffeine from it.

They discontinued the black grape Mountain Dew!?
Son of a fucking whore. >: d


pepsi blue was good too

Four Loko wasn’t discontinued as far as I know, they just removed the caffeine. It is banned in some states though. I miss Butterfinger BB’s and Sprite Remix. Used to get a Sprite Remix almost every day after school when I was in junior high.

Same thing.

Crispy M&M’s were the shit! I still order them from Malaysia once in a while.

Oreo O’s not number 1. This list is bullshit

i feel sick even looking at some of this stuff.

Oreo O’s you’ll be missed.


I know it’s not on the list but I miss vanilla coke.

3D Doritos cool ranch should be way higher on that list. I hope they bring em back that shit was crack especially if you had it on the side with Nestle Buncha Crunch top tier combo

Anyone remember Great Bludini Kool-aid?

I thought Surge was re-branded Vault(Havent seen it in a while either though).

Damn, I can’t see this in class…page is blocked. I want to see what kinds of food are on that list.

I remember when they sold the different color ketchup. I kinda liked the green one.

For those that miss Waffle Crisps like me, there is an Eggo cereal, but it’s not as good.

Cried a little when i saw oreo o’s. Them shits were delicious.