[25th July ] ARMAGEDINBURGH {USFIV, MKX, Smash 4} (Edinburgh, Scotland)


*The hills shake and crumble. The sea runs red before drying up. Only Salt remains. Who will survive… *ARMAGEDINBURGH.

Almost 3 years into the revamped Edinburgh fighting game scene, Rushdown Edinburgh hosts it’s most explosive event to date- the annual.

ARMAGEDINBURGH arrives on the 25th of July at the Hotel Novotel at Edinburgh Park. 3 main titles bring the destruction:


Ultra’s fire remains fierce and is hugely competitive in the capital, peaking during our Ultra Series’ and when hosting the Road To Hype for our friends Versus Scotland. As a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event Qualifier, the Top 4 from our tournament head to EGX Birmingham- hosted by Unequalled Media- this September to compete for £2000 and Capcom Pro Tour Seeding points.


MKX has shaken up the FGC in a big way since it’s recent release and the standard of play is rising fast. This is, depending on the fatality, quite literally a no-brainer. That, and we can’t wait to put your gaming guts on our big spectator screen. Could you be the first MKX ARMA champ?


The latest Smash venture is growing in popularity at such an alarming rate, even the destructive force that is ARMAGEDINBURGH is aware of it’s presence. Some of the UK’s finest Smash 4 talent exist in the north- who dares to challenge them?

For more information and the link to tickets, please visit this page: http://www.rushdownedinburgh.co.uk/road-to-armagedinburgh/

We’ll be streaming at Twitch.tv/Rushdownedinburgh

Any questions, please drop me a message below.