26 guage wire?

Anyone know where to come across this?

In all different colors too!


Is something that can perhaps be picked up at home depot or lowes?

Radio Shack FTW.

My local Radio Shack’s seem to jump straight from 22 guage to 30 guage with nothing in between. If you don’t have a Fry’s, you’re pretty much stuck getting it online.

hmm… cut your ethernet cable apart. I usually use that for wiring. I believe those are 26 awg wires. There should be a bunch of wires in there.

my radio shack(s) 10 of them all within 10 miles of carry UP TO only 26ga.

luckily there’s an electronics store that sells it here like 10 minutes away from my house. i suggest you get your phonebook out ( or yellowpages.com) and look up electronic houses. the one near here is a local owned place but carries everytype of anything you could want. i love it.

I get 22 from RadioShack and haven’t had a problem with it. Any reason you need to go that small or just a preference? Ethernet also sounds like a good suggestion if you have a spool of it handy.

Broken console controllers, keyboards, and mouses are usually good sources too.

buy some cat5 cable. its 26 gauge.

I don’t have to do anything special with the cat5 cable right? Just strip off the outer layer and use the various wires within?

yup. its just wire inside a heat shrinked tube.

I heart you.
Also, to answer the question above, i need 26 guage to wire up a few of the solderless psx pcb’s that i have laying around. I did one before with 22 guage and it was a pain in my ass and I need to adjust it every now and again, figured i’d do it right the first time with these.

? there is nothing wrong with 22 gauge for this kind of work in my opinion. Use flux to get better joints.

solderless bro. u need a smaller wire to fit inside the slot of that plug thing. like on a ps2 controller.

I did my ds1 solderless with 22 gauge no problem… just don’t use the plastic tab to hold pressure because the wire is thick enough to hold itself in.

Same here. It’s actually what I would recommend for this mod. The 22 gauge fit very snugly in the connector. I can’t imagine that sliding Ethernet strands in there would be very fun. Those guys are tiny.