26 years old needs help on SSF4!

Hi all SRK’s members!
I’m a bit new to fighting games and I Love SSF4 and all though I played Street Fighter 2 champion edition when I was a kid on the snes and love it, I did not played it much since I did not own a snes.
Anyways I want to improve in SSF4 I even change from the ps3 controller to the HRAP3 (Arcade stick)
and change the bottoms to sanwa didn’t need to change the stick cuz it is a sanwa already (don’t need to change it do I?), it cost me time and dedication to get used to the stick since I never or rarely played on the arcades and still getting used to it… but I keep losing a lot in online mode although I’m pretty good against the CPU in hardest difficulty and pretty descent against Seth in the same difficulty.

Main problems:
I can not preform well combos and time well my ultras
I also suck big time at the characters trials
and Online mode they keep wooping my ass big time!

Advice please, as I said in the title I’m 26 years old and I need good advise in this matters!
I don’t think I’m to old for improvement in this game!

My favorites Characters are:
1 Dan
2 Guy
3 Blanka
4 E.honda
5 Guile
6 Ken
7 Dudley
8 Vega (claw)
9 Zangief
10 Chun li

Thanks in advance!

Age shouldn’t effect how well you do. It’s simply practice, practice a few hours and you might be able to do a 3 hit combo, practice several more hours and you’ll be able to do a 5 hit combo, practice several weeks and for all you know you’ll end up doing 9 hit combos online and winning all your matches and then some go to tournaments and what not. As for Ultras, I typically just use them after a focus attack, easier when they’re not moving with some exceptions.

II Foreverjd II on xbox live, im always up for games!

Online is tough but that’s where the action is! :smiley:

Read the stickies for advice on execution:

Your other questions are too vague for us to help with, though 10 characters is way too much. Pick one or two.

dan is one of the weakest characters in the game, and the people who managed to be good with him are usually really good at the game already.

i would recommend not playing dan.

playing the computer has next to no effect on how well you do against actual people.

watch those videos (they should play one right after another automatically) they helped me when i first picked up sf again. also, look up other videos on the same subjects

edit: yes those videos have sf2 being shown, but the concepts transfer to sf4 and are equally important

I’ll play against you anytime you want my PSN ID is :ZenGaijLn.

I am also trying to get back into the swing of playing.

No? What is confusing? It’s pretty much the same layout?

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Read the execution guide I linked you already. Go practice.

I did’nt know I posted 5 times in a row sorry about that! Yes thank you for the link! And what I said about the forum I must be the 1 experiencing problems because for example the first post of a thread is ok then the 2nd is smaller and the 3rd one smaller and so on, and there the last ones are posted as just one vertical line… And many tread links keep getting frozen in my iPhone and IMac

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it is a problem with safari! I download Firefox and now the forum seems nice and neat! :slight_smile:

Ok how about tonight! Ill search for you!

Like others before me said: 10 characters is way too much.
Best is one, maybe two if you’re certain enough about the first one.

About the trials, they can be tough sometimes but they can be good basic training too.
If you REALLY don’t know what is expected of you with a trialyou can try checking out youtube, although it’s best you figure it out yourself.

My PSN is Yewni, and I’m always up for a few matches.

A couple quick tips:

  1. Focus 2 or 3 characters and pick a main. You’ll learn a lot of general and fundamental stuff just by playing the same character for a while, and much of that transfers to other characters when you are ready to pick up a secondary character.

  2. Once you pick your main, check out the character speific forums here on SRK. Learn the effective combos for your main and practice those, not necessarily everything in the trials/challenges is appropriate for online play.

  3. Learn some matchup specific tactics for your main. Learn what the best punish combo/move to use when your opponent whiffs or has a SRK blocked. Learn the most common things first. Work on learning how to fight shotos and common characters first, don’t wasteyour time now on learning say… the Hakkan matchup.

  4. When doing a combo there are several ways the moves go together. You have chains, links, and cancels. Links are the most difficult to pull off and will probably be the last things you learn to do reliably.

  5. Learn all the ways your main can combo into their ultras. This way you will waste MUCH less ultra meter and connect with more ultras, even if the ultra does less dmg due to dmg scaling in a combo. Random and/or wakeup ultras are usually a bad idea.

  6. For online, keep it simple and jump less. Also, be willing to have your bad habits beaten out of you. Just like in almost all martial arts training montages in the movies, you’ll get your butt kicked for a while before you get some good win streaks.

There’s a lot more to the game, but don’t even worry about that just yet. Pick a main, learn a few combos, learn some good punishes, and fight 100-200 fights with them to get started.

Lastly, sometimes it can really help to re-watch some of your fights in the replay channel and see if you can pick out what you would do differently next time.

Look me up if you want to spar a bit,

Thanks a lot for your great post! it is really helpful to me what you said!
I’ll look you up in PSN

Welcome man, I’m also 26 and I started playing SSF4 straight off of the old SNES days! If your online Sunday, I can probably run some basics down for you in Endless Mode. I’m not an expert (more of an intermediate to advanced) but I can definitely teach you the ropes. I main Ibuki and Juri, but I can play a little bit of Blanka, Chun Li, Abel, and Makoto. PSN ID is: WuTangTurtle.

I started playing FG’s when I was like 19 (if you don’t count mashing SF2 on SNES and MK2/3 in the arcade etc.) but I’m 25 now and most people I play with are 25 or older. Many people who I play with that are over 25 started playing just recently and they all play fine. I don’t think being older is a significant handicap other than when you see young people like Vangief that start playing and place at Evo within a few months. Your age will probably prevent that kind of ridiculous improvement but honestly most people under 18 don’t make that kind of progress anyway.

I wanted to add that I’ve added everyone thats posted a PSN ID in this thread. As I too am 26 years old and looking to improve at SF.
PSN: ZenGaijLn

If you want to post up PSN/Live info, please do it in the online matchmaking section, or send PMs. Try to keep this on topic please.