27 h playtime and still can't beat Seth

Thats my problem: I really like playing SF IV, but even on “very easy” i get beaten by Seth on the second round. I know that every newbie has its problems on Seth, but with 27-30 hours of playtime you just should be able to defeat the boss without 5 continues…

Also im questioning myself if im skilled enough to go into online playing (havn’t played a single round against human players yet). I just dont want to get tore apart by a Ken player (no offense) like the Seth or Zangief does.
Am i skilled enough to start online playing? Am i supposed to beat Seth with that amount of skill?

Thanks in advance, Paperkoopa

Who are you using? Easiest way against the boss for me was to pick Zangief, :3p: lariat when he does most stuff, SPD/Ultra 1 when he does the vacuum move thing.

AI and human players are completely different beasts, so I’d say you’r really missing out if you’re not playing vs/2p - It’s how fighting games are meant to be enjoyed. It wouldn’t hurt to try.

I started off with Guile, but since i play on a keyoard (yeah, laugh at me!) i couldn’t get his ultra done. Then followed Blanka, M. Bison, Sakura, Dan and now im kind of maining Sagat. His slow movement speed kind of ruins it against the incredible fast wall-jumping of Seth.
I guess ill give the online play a try, Thanks for the fast answer!

Edit: I won my first match (Sagat VS Ken). Thanks for cheeing me up, etc.

Get in Versus/Training mode on hardest setting and find ways to lame him. Something that works well is doing vertical jumps. They make him whiff moves a lot, so you can hit him on your way down if he whiffs a lightning kick, or do a jump forward if you think he’s going to whiff a Dhalsim-like punch next (he usually does them in pairs). Just remember that those tactics don’t really work well against humans.

Also, using some virtual joystick mapping software you may map an additional “up” key on the spacebar to do some down-up moves easier. It makes Guile’s Ultra almost as easy as Chun Li’s.

I’ll give it a try (Guiles Ultra), but i can play against Seth in Versus/Training, because i didn’t unlock him yet.
I’ve unlocked Sakura, Rose and Dan so far, but no matter how often i play Arcade, i just wont get any new chars…

Playing against computer players should not be used as a test to see if you are ready to play online. Human players are able to adapt and change their strategy in response to what you do. In turn you may be able to catch on to their patterns or tendencies and punish them for doing so. The best way to see if you are ready for online is to play online. If you find yourself losing a lot, look at your replays and see what you are doing wrong. If it is something like executing a combo, then you can go to training mode and practice until you have it down.

Computer players can only play in one way, the way they are programmed. Because they don’t play like the way humans play, they don’t make for good opponents. Have you noticed that the computer sometimes get you with an ultra, special move or a poke just right after you press a button to do something. That is because the computer is reading your inputs and instantly executing a counter. It is most apparent in arcade mode Seth. When he is low on health or just for the hell of it, he will beat out whatever you are trying to do. However he is also made to give you openings by doing unsafe moves. For example, arcade Seth would often randomly throw out the kick that does multiple hits when it connects, but it is very punishable if you block it. He would also randomly attempt a jump-ins, use his stretching arms at point blank or use an ultra. All of them on block are very punishable.

So if you really do want to beat arcade Seth you have to heavily punish him on every opportunity he gives you.

I think your problem is playing on a keyboard.

I guess more practice in online-mode and buying a new gamepad/controller/joystick will do the trick.
Thanks guys.

Don’t bother trying to beat seth in arcade mode. the ai has instant reaction time to your inputs, so typically, if ur next to him and u press a button, he will uppercut you instantly. You can’t mix him up, since he’ll guess correctly every time and he can mix u up, because once again, he will guess correctly as he can see your inputs… The only way to beat seth in arcade mode is to figure out a move you can abuse against him, as the ai is stupid and can’t actually adapt to your shit.

Also, you won’t learn anything by playing against seth… play against your friends instead.

and I’ve just realized Im just repeating what moleman said

For the record, the keyboard is very, very unlikely to be the problem here. I’ve played on a pad, stick, and keyboard, and the keyboard is quite capable of getting the job done. It is always tempting to blame the input device, but there are more fundamental issues making a larger impact. Also, if being unable to ultra bothers you, use Guile’s Ultra 2, it is absurdly easy to do on a keyboard.