29mm vs 30mm Hole Saw!?

I just realized that I don’t have a 30mm hole saw… I’ve got a 25, 29, 32… would it be easy enough to just file the 29 to 30? I’m trying to use threaded Seimitsu buttons…

I would get a 1-3/16" (30mm) hole saw, but I don’t think home depot or lowes has them… and I have no other hardware stores within 30 minutes of my home.

have you try ACE that’s were I got mine at. I got the 30mm and the 24 there.

hmm, there might be an Ace near the Lowes in my area, I guess I’ll check that place out as well, hopefully they’ll have some…

also, does anyone know where I can find a 20mm hole saw locally? or should I just get a stepping drill bit? I don’t really understand how to use those… you just drill until the step you want is reached?

If you dont want to buy another bit/saw, just drill with the 29mm and use a dremel with a sanding drum to trim slightly.

do you have to do anything special with a threaded button? the hole doesn’t have to be exact because you tighten the button in with a nut right?

Try the 29mm and see if the button fits.

Some cheep hole saw bits can make the hole a little off in size and the button may fit.

heh, I have a really cheap one 0_0, harbor freight ftw!

the 29mm hole saw will make the hole slightly bigger than 29mm you have a good chance of getting the buttons in that hole easy. if not just sand them a little.

Im actually glad I found this thread on drill bit sizes because I’m goin through a problem myself.

Im in the process of building my stick and I bought a 30mm hole saw(forstner) for 30mm seimitsu button type. The thing I did not know about the buttons was that it was a screw-in type, and I made the panel out of plexi and mdf behorehand. So what I found out in the end was that the holes I cut in were too large. Probably a smaller hole saw?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hole saws and Fosrtner bits aren’t the same things. A 30mm Forstner bit will give you a 30mm hole, how is that too big?

30mm hole saw is not readily available at big stores like Home Depot or Lowes as you mentioned (metric sizing in America is generally hard to find). I would still try to get a 30 mm hole saw because sanding the rest of the way with sand paper takes a while (unless you already have dremel) and the hole will not be as round as with a hole saw.

I recently bought a 30mm hole saw (DeWalt, good brand) myself and I have measured the holes I cut with it and holes are 30mm + 0.5mm so the one I bought cuts very true to its size (i used a micrometer to measure so its very accurate).

Here are links:

30 mm DeWalt Hole saw:


Mandrel ( you need this to attach the hole saw to drill and it also act as a guiding pilot drill)


While no one asked… I personally prefer step drill bits. If you get a 2-30mm step drill bit in 2mm increments you have the right bit for both action and start buttons.

I agree that step bits are fine for metal and plexi, however it won’t work for wood any thicker than 2mm.

I also found that unless you have a drill press, step drill bits tend to wander a little and you can find your finished hole in the wrong place. :looney: Trust me, I found out the hard way.

I think holesaws are the best way to go for me. I have a 30mm one that makes the holes perfect in size, I just sand a little bit on the edges to smooth it out. 30mm is the size of a quarter, sometimes bigger stores may not have them in the tools section, but might have them in the hobby section. My local hardware store did, anyway.

I have english sized drill bits. If you use 1 1/8" for the 30mm it works fine, and if you use 15/16 for the 24mm that will work. You might need to get a round file or a fine tooth round wood rasp to widen the holes a bit, but they will work. Plus this gives you a little lee way in “nudging” the hole in a certain direction for one mm in case you placed the hole a little off or you where slightly off center, and a chance to take the burr off the edges.

Do they carry 24mm hole saw all i saw was 22 & 25…Would 25 work fine?

if you guys want a super accurate and cheap way to make holes if making the case out of aluminum (i did on my stick), use a knock out punch type tool.

I wouldnt be surprised if this worked for thinner woods or even plexi glass, as the bit just cuts a circular hole.
May not be useful to the OP but perhaps will be useful for people in the future.

Good idea, I’ve never seen one of them tools before, but I don’t think it’ll work for plexi, its too brittle and will probably just end up cracking.

Depends on how thick the plexi more then not. i used it on a 2cm thick plexi and it cut fine. it was done very very very well secured and slowly.
But just another option for you guys!

How slow? I want to get one to punch out a bunch of button holes in 1/4" plexi