2D+3D character artworks request

hi all

Please can somebody post some web page,or send here some characters artworks for:

SF III:3rd strike

and maybe
SC3 and VF4evo

So if somebody know some good page with nice artworks… size is not so important,it is for avatars on our website.

Thanx all …

Did you forget to read the sticky threads first?

Can’t find the search button?

No,at first i read your title: Lazy Wins :rolleyes:

I see that galeries in sticky thread. I search too,but nothing good.

I need all characters for each game and I am serching something in that style:

tekken - xia
tekken - xia 2



Lazy does win. But apparently you’re not very good at being lazy.

If you had searched you would have found two threads on the very first page, one linking to a 3rd Strike site with all the 3rd Strike portraits, and one linking to a GGXX#R site with all the character art, endings, and portraits. And if you had been to the sticky, you would have found a site that had tons of CvS2 artwork.

“Nothing good”, yeah right.

I’ll help you out anyway though, because I have a feeling you won’t learn anything if I don’t. Look for the topic “The GGXX#R Sprite thread”, don’t worry it’s on the first page, not hard to spot, there Sir Plus links to a good site on the last page. Also look for “ah, that cool flash site w/ 3s sprites is gone!”, also on the first page, and there felineki links to a good site on the last page.

There’s character art for CvS2 all over the place, but if you try some of the sites in the sticky like SonicHurricane (HINT HINT) you might find what you’re looking for pretty quick.

And if you’re looking for fan art or comic book art, I suggest you try the Fan Art Gallery section or Street Fighter Comics section. There’s quite a lot of very high quality character artwork to be found in both sections. There’s even a very large thread going on right now for character art in the Fan Art section.

thanx,but still nothing good …

in that sticky thread is some galeries (a lot of doesnt work too)but nothing ok. Sonic huricane ok,but size is too small. I dont need sprites,i need some special “profi-hand maded” artworks like i post here. i found all what you write here. Now i have some good arts for all SF III:3rd strike and GGXXr,VF4e. I also found some realy super artworks for all""" characters for SC3, but … they are on gamecult (must pay for them). So at this moment i need only KOF2001/2002 CvS2 and mayebe MvC2.