2d and 3d

So… A lot of 2d fighting gamers HATE 3d…

I just don’t get the hate for 3d with 2d fans. I’ve always played both and I can accept both. I don’t have these long standing talk-with-my-doctor-about secret beefs with whatever type of fighter.

AND Yes, I’ve read the dom101 article.
Once again I’ve read the article.
Did I mention I read that? Also I know it has a thread. I wanted to make my own. If you have a problem don’t come in here to begin with.

So yeah, discuss.

Maybe not hate, but dislike. I just prefer 2D fighters, more fun and enjoyable to me.

I do love VF though.

Vf is a lot more like sf. Without fireballs.
For those who wanna passionately argue that, I’m sorry for your bad mood. Talk to somebody else about it.

I think 3s could make a really good 3d game considering it plays like a 3d fighter already.
Then again I may be the only supporter of a 3s vs garou crossover to be made on mugen.

Not necessary. :lol:

enjoy both types of games :cofffee:

If you want the 3D equivalent of SF, a 3D game with fireballs, then play [media=youtube]6IhJ3zyMe0A"[/media].

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