2D Fighters on PS3 Net Japan Tutorial Inside



This is awesome, here is the tutorial to purchase these games on any region PS3

Step 1: Sign up for wirecard to make these purchases

Step 2: Create Japanese PSN Account translation

Step 3: Get to Downloading~!!!


I’m gonna download the original Guilty Gear.


I guess I should start holding my breath for 2nd Impact.


Wait a minute, these SNK games wouldn’t happen to be based off the PS1 ports, would they? If so… ugh.


These are all look like PS1 ports, which considering the fact it’s a download service for PS3, isn’t surprising…

Guilty Gear 1 is also the most broken game EVAR


I second that. :sad:


Could this be an immediate fail? Quite possibly… Otherwise interesting news, concidering their no 2D policy… Or did that just fall under new titles?


“Could this be an immediate fail? Quite possibly… Otherwise interesting news, concidering their no 2D policy… Or did that just fall under new titles?”

They had no NO 2D policy, if they did SF3 would of never made it to PS2. The policy was is that if you were going to sell a 2D game for the PS2 it had to open at 50$.


there was never any policy at all on 2D games outside of america either


This is Sony of Japan we’re talking about here.

It’s Sony of America which has always had an anti-2D policy.
And yes IT IS TRUE. That’s why in the early PSX days they didn’t want SOTN or MMX4 released on the American PSX at ALL.


Funny considering 3D on the PSX looked like shit for the most part.


I thought the “no 2-d” was for physicl titles (games that come on a disc.)


Sure it does nowadays, but back then it was the shizznit. I still remember bringing my preordered PSX home for the first time and drooling over Battle Arena Toshinden. I was like “Honey, get in here!!! You see that? Those are actual polygons!!! Thousands of 'em!! Can you believe this is actually happening on our TV set?!?”:rofl:


Also remember guys…Sony is suffering due to the PS3…so even with that no 2d policy I think they are looking for anyway to make up for the losses the PS3 put on them…

Will MGS4 make up for it?? Maybe…but meanwhile they need money ANYWAY they can get it!!


Actually if i remember correctly there policy was that if any 2D game comes to there system it has to be in Bundle hence why the KOF games were bundled together. Still i don’t think Sony of america would do something stupid like not allowing 2D games on there downloadable service.
Hell isn’t Capcom releasing an upgraded version of Street fighter II on the playstation network anyways?


God damn it I really wish Sony did lock us out of these by requiring that you have a Japanese billing address for your credit card. If they didn’t do that I would have bought all these right now since there is nothing to play for the PS3 other than Mortal Kombat 2 and Virtua Fighter 5

Maybe some of the SRKers in Japan and Hong Kong can help hook the rest of us up like they did for Tekken 5 DR


have you guys seen this month’s ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY issue? it verifies that the PS3 is still in the “game war”, so can you all at least cut Sony some slack? although they arent perfect, at least it surpasses the 360.


I wonder if there will be a way for us to purchase these … like a prepaid credit card from japan or something…


for people who dont know how SUPER BROKEN the first Guilty Gear was


You can use wirecard to make these purchases… and here is the translation for the PS network… happy downloading :lovin:

How cna I change the title? I want everyone to know about this so they can download these 2D fighters for their Ps3s.