2D fighting game collection for sale!

**Hey, guys, I’m selling my 2D fighting game collection. I have both US and Japanese ports. There are 46 total, all of which are in pristine condition. I have pictures on PhotoBucket, so just let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

P.S. – I prefer to use PayPal, but I won’t say no to other methods.**


Explore Michael DeBonis


Explore Michael DeBonis

***Please be aware that these prices are not set in stone. Contact me if you’d like to purchase something via personal message or AIM (mikedebonis83).

  1. Capcom Classics Vol. 1 - 20
  2. Capcom Classics Vol. 2 - 20
  3. Capcom Fighting Evolution - 25
  4. SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 - 20
  5. Street Fighter EX 3 - 20
  6. Street Fighter Alpha Anthology - 30
  7. Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - 30
  8. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (currently on EBay: mike_debonis83)
  9. Capcom vs. SNK 2 - 40 SOLD!!!
  10. Art of Fighting Anthology - 20
  11. Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 1 - 20
  12. Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2 - 20
  13. World Heroes Anthology - 20
  14. Guilty Gear X - 30
  15. Guilty Gear X2 - 30 SOLD!!!
  16. Guilty Gear Isuka - 30
  17. Guilty Gear Accent Core - 35
  18. The King of Fighters 00/01 - 35
  19. The King of Fighters 02/03 - 35
  20. The King of Fighters XI - 25 SOLD!!!
  21. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum - 25
  22. Arcana Heart - 30

For those of you that aren’t fluent in Japanese (like myself), here’s a list of what the Japanese titles are:

(Left to right)

  1. Sengoku Basara X - 50
  2. Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection - 40
  3. Garou Densetsu Battle Archive Vol. 2 - 35
  4. Sunsoft Collection - 45
  5. Fu’un Super Combo - 40
  6. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum - 40
  7. Garou: Mark of the Wolves - 40 SOLD!!!
  8. The King of Fighters '94 Rebout - 50
  9. The King of Fighters: The Orochi Collection - 40
  10. The King of Fighters: The NESTS Collection - 40
  11. The King of Fighters Neowave - 50
  12. SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom - 40
  13. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza - 40
  14. Arcana Heart - 45
  15. Bakumatsu Roman (Last Blade 1 & 2) - 30 SOLD!!!
  16. Samurai Spirits V - 40
  17. Samurai Spirits VI - 45 SOLD!!!
  18. Power Instinct - 45
  19. Spectral vs. Generation - 35
  20. Guilty Gear XX - 30
  21. Guilty Gear XX # Reload (blue) - 30
  22. Guilty Gear XX Slash - 35
  23. The Rumble Fish - 50 SOLD!!!
  24. Hokuto No Ken w/bonus DVD - 45 SOLD!!!

Also, some of these games are still wrapped in the factory plastic:

  1. Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2 (USA)
  2. Guilty Gear Isuka (USA)
  3. Arcana Heart (JPN)
  4. Guilty Gear XX Slash (JPN)

Every, single one of these is an original print – there isn’t a single Greatest Hits or company-specific equivalent!!! Again, thanks for looking! :tup:**

gotta post some prices pal

do you owe some loan sharks or something? who would sell such a magnificent collection?

Interested in KOF 02-03. Take trades?

I haven’t really set prices yet, because I don’t want to set things in stone. There are some that I’m sort of up in the air about because of rarity, so I didn’t want to scare people away before they had time to hear me out.

Well, not quite that serious, but…

Nah, I lost my job, I can’t afford school now, and my bank account is negative. :sad: As pitiful and cliche as it sounds, this is sort of like me smashing my beloved piggy bank – it’s a last ditch effort to get things back on track. Trust me, it was the last thing I wanted to do.

its the rules just follow them and dont get an infraction or whatever

Oh, shit! I guess I missed that part. Good lookin’ out, bro. You can tell I’ve never done this… lol I’ll get on that! :tup:

its okay. we were all noobs once:looney:

There we go. Thanks again, bro! Whew You saved my ass! lol

I’ll pick up X2, I’ll PM me your details so I can send payment. How is Rumble Fish?

By the way man, if you want any of these back once you’ve got stuff back on track, know that I’ll be willing to help you out there.

lol Appreciate it, but this is for good. It’s not very business-like to snatch shit back after you’ve sold it to a customer. If you buy it, it’s yours – enjoy it!

Rumble Fish is fun as hell if people will play it with you. Since I don’t have anyone else in Champaign, I never really learned too much about it, thus I never got to appreciate it to the fullest. However, I used to pop it in and play in training mode all the time, just to see what I could come up with.

Okay, I’ll probably pick that up as well. Despite what you say man, this isn’t business. We know each other too well to keep it a strictly business thing man. Remember I’m your friend first, and customer second

I woulda played more rumblefish. :frowning:

james you play rumblefish? would you like to play the rumblefish 1 self proclaimed world champion? though id prob lose in 2.

Very Cool collection dude, wish I could pick some up!

sucks man, been there before. almost had to get rid of some games I didn’t want to see go either.
good luck with your sale.

Ah, thanks, Jim! Are you going to SBIII this year? Hopefully, I’ll see ya there, bro!

Just keepin’ the thread from going to page 2. :wgrin:

Quite the collection you’ve got there! Wish I could help you out dude but my finances aren’t doing so well lately either… I’m debating doing the same thing with all my paintball gear.

On a side note, LMFAO @ Humbags face while playing me in 2nd Impact!! I totally forgot about that. I vote for SERIOUS HUMBAG AVATAR!!