2D fighting games with online multiplayer (in North America)

deleted, since no one gives a shit…

I’m kind of already working on that on a larger scale here: List of Fighting Games (Modern and Classic)
However, I will be sure to add the information you provided to the list at some point.

I’ve updated my original post to include my reasoning for creating the list.

Might wanna try GGPO.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just included GGPO and ROM services in the exceptions for this list.

You missed Samurai Shodown Sen on the SNK part

EDIT: SSF IV 3d Edition

I remember MK Deception and Armaggedon (PS2/Xbox) having online too.

Thanks for the feedback. I think that Samurai Shodown Sen is a 3D fighting game. SSFIV:3DE is under “Super Street Fighter IV” as “3DS.” I didn’t include those Mortal Kombat games because the online multiplayer is only available through a workaround with private servers.

fyi GGAC Plus R is only on vita for US atm
you need JP account to get it on PS3, and currently, it’s not even on XBL in Japan yet.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve made the correction.

MY BAD for not reading “2d” at the begginning! Sorry and thx for the clarification.

I see you have at least one doujin fighter, Yatagarasu. How about others, Vanpri, etc?

Thanks for the feedback.

The English-language version of Vanguard Princess I believe has no online multiplayer and the Japanese-language version I believe requires manual set up of some kind to get online. According to this website, http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Vanguard_Princess/Netplay, netplay requires an external client and some manual set-up. I want to restrict this list to games that have straightforward online multiplayer without workarounds or manual set-ups. I’ve just included that to the exceptions for this list.

However, there probably are many doujin fighting games with (straightforward) online multiplayer that I don’t know about. Please let me know of any that you may know and I will add them to the list.

No worries, your feedback still helps me perfect the list. Now I know to include games that require workarounds to the exceptions for this list.

Guilty Gear #Reload PC

I think it requires manual set-up and/or some kind of workaround to get online.

I’ve played both Guilty Gears on PC. Neither had online play without a hack that only worked on the Japanese version. So, it’s a bit like the example of Vanpri above I guess, or using something like kaillera plugin on random console game emulator.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang [iOS (TBD; U.S.?)]

This is almost sure to never be made into English or available outside China, but regardless it is not a fighting game, it’s a beat em up like Double Dragon. It’s not the same as the PC game.

Thanks for letting me know.

Also I’m not sure I understand your exceptions and clarifications regarding games that contain 3d exactly, would Virtua Fighter 2 PC (has internet vs.) be something you want to put on?


Uh, this online patch looks like it works just fine in English.

"*This list does not include… …games that require manual set-up or workarounds to get online"
At the top of this page

“Q. How do I use this with the European version of the game?
A. You don’t. Only the Japanese version of Guilty Gear XX #Reload will work.”

From the site you linked.