2D Mortal Kombat HD collection


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Seems that some online retailers are listing a PS3 release of a 2D Mortal Kombat collection on one budget priced disk in October. That’s apparently the first game, second game, and Ultimate, and somehow treated for HD. Has anyone else heard any word on this?


Well, since MK is based on photographs/filmed material, it is possible they still have the originals and can make higher res sprites from those… That would be awesome :rofl:


PS3s are going to fly off the shelves in Ohio if this happens. I’ll buy it


MK1-UMK3 with the actors looking like themselves. Almost too good to be true. I hope we get an official announcement soon.

MK was ahead of it’s time graphically through those first 3 games. And if they could bring it to HD, they would still hold up graphically. lol


Tim said it’s not PS3 only.


Its not for sure yet, but 360 hasnt been ruled out.

and whats with the Ohio comment?


Its not for sure yet, but 360 hasnt been ruled out.

and whats with the Ohio comment?


I am going to cry if this doesn’t hit the 360.


I couldn’t think of any other MK states, no offense meant guys.

Regardless of if it’s exclusive or not, this is a good way to hype up MK9.


Yeah, something similar was posted about a week ago before the webpage was taken down. HD would be awesome!!! I hope to god they’re good ports. Maybe with this week at Gamescon they’ll confirm it being for both systems. Hell, PC too, why not. But the really big news will be the MK9 stuff, get hype!



it’s been confirmed;

TRMK - Mortal Kombat News - Mortal Kombat Hd Kollection Confirmed In Development

a dutch site also says the MK9 demo is on the compilation disc.

source; Mortal Kombat - HD arcade kompilation

google translation is your friend…



Please be true. :pray:

Here’s hoping it matches this nice mockup someone made: http://th05.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2010/195/6/e/Mortal_Kombat_2_HD_by_xXLightsourceXx.jpg.


New actors, huh? I was wondering how they were going to get around the mess with Daniel Pesina and the others who sued Midway.


I’m just happy we’ll get a next gen MK game with digitized actors. So even if MK9 sucks there’s hope for this.


Yes its true and has been in the works for awhile.

Now i dont have much to keep from you all hahaha

should be interesting.


Yes its true and has been in the works for awhile.

Now i dont have much to keep from you all hahaha

should be interesting.



If they are re-doing mo-cap, what is the point of I and II? They just gonna stick the same new assets into all 3 with the different gameplay?


If they use the same sprites for all 3 games, it would be pretty lame. Like you’re simply playing different grooves instead of different games.

EDIT: Still very excited, though. Never dreamed they would even consider doing something like this.


Wow, that’s an awesome mock-up. Yes, either match that or exceed that. Someone in the SRK comments for this news item said he hopes there is an option to no use the HD version. I sort of agree, but only if the HD versions turn out to be crap, which I hope is not the case. I aslo don’t want this to be a true HD “remix”. It could fragment an already small community. Updated graphics is all it needs, maybe fix some bugs, and make it easy/not annoying to remap buttons. I wouldn’t like if they used the same sprites for all three games. I like the idea of MK1 costumes being simpler, more primitive etc. But they need to do something about colors when it comes to mirror matches, to make the players more distinct than simply having one darker or lighter.

Some of us (like me) wanted a game like UMK3 with HD digitized sprites that are possible with today’s technology. We got our wish, assuming they don’t fuck up the project. I’m hype for MK and I’ve been hype for MK lol.


This is just such a weird project now that we got some details. Is it just going to MKT HD remix? If it’s the first three games separately do they keep the same gameplay as the original three or make it universal so all of them play the same?

Wow. I have really high hopes though. I just wish we knew some gameplay details and I can’t wait to see the first screens. :slight_smile: