2d or 3d?

there is probably a thread regarding this subject but i always wondered what people thought about capcom making a 3d street fighter after 3s i know that there is the SF Ex’s but i did not like those
if capcom decides to make another street fighter like street fighter 4 do you think it should be 2D or 3D?
I think capcom is and always will have the best 2d fighting games.

1 or 4. I’m tired of this in between shit.

Stop making these stupid threads. Theres like 1 a week.

Who voted 3-D?

This won’t end well:confused:

ElderGOD and KStella55.

I can see the idea of this, but IMO it’s a little too early to tell.

For 2d, we need to see how well the STHD sprites are recieved, and whether people buy into it for a new game.

For 3d I would like to see some more information about games like battle fantasia that claim to use 3d models with 2d gamplay.

I think those are the best options, i really can’t see using 2d the way it is now (pre-HD), and i can’t see using the current style of 3d.

Wow this thread will end much worse than the KOF vs. SF…lets see you are on SRK…a 2d site…thus 2d is going to win…go to Tekken Zaibatsu and 3d will win…

Hahaha. Awesome.

This thread has the potential to start a good discussion.
Let’s see what will happen…

What happened to Capcom Fighting All Stars?

Why cancel?

I saw Ryu’s finisher when Capcom previewed it, it looked god-like.

Though from my experience, 2D games have better gameplay.

They should make a sequel to SF3 Second Impact. No one will care at first but then people will learn to like it and even people who dont like the game will play it and it’ll be the biggest 2d fighter in the US.

Voted 2D.

But you voted for 3D…:confused:

This thread has the potential to start a flame war.
Let’s see what will happen…


It’ll decline in popularity, but then a guy will pull off an insane trick-shot comeback and everybody will watch the video and want to play it again.

I’m confused too lol. I like 2D games much more, but the question asks what should be their next game.

After Capcom Fighting Evolution, I don’t want them to make another 2D.

I think they should remake 3s in 3d, while keeping the music, mechanics, frame data, etc, everything else almost the same. The reason I say remake and not make a new game is because this will teach them how to make a 3d game while maintaining the great gameplay that 2d street fighter games have. Also, if it comes out anything like the ex series, they’ll know they’re doing something wrong.

let’s begin


The truth.