2DF 3rd Strike Results (06/15/2008)

A few bumps in the road but fun…

1st - Xsonicc
2nd - ForeverHigher
3rd - MythicExile
4th - Kymah
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - IRB
7th - Nevermore
7th - Wpgstev
9th - JStylin
9th - EC JOE 0
9th - FuriousRoy
9th - JurJur
13th - Jim_Kim
13th - So-Yadigg (Double DQ)
13th - Hugeballs (Double DQ)
13th - GOLDENLION (Double DQ)

Few notes:

It appears some people have no clue how to use 2DF. They lay out pretty simple means of port forwarding and some people still don’t get it. Please make sure to read the FAQ properly for future tournaments.

We had some new players that have never been in one of my tournaments. I don’t allow entrants outside of MIRC. It’s a small program and very easy to use. I don’t give people 2 - 4 weeks notice just for the sake of typing a lot. Please follow instructions and be prepared instead of finding me last minute.

Next tourney from me will be Sunday July 13th

good shit to xsonicc for winning this

so nagata…how would you deal with someone if they cant host in 2df…did you have them use nfba instead??

cuz if its like that then i will gladly join the next one…if not idk about it lol

We only ran into one situation where no one could host. They played Rock/Paper/Scissors for who advanced (not kidding). People honestly should tweak their network settings to get it right instead of giving up.

I’ll look into NFBA but I don’t think it’s right that all players should have to find back up emulators because they won’t take the time to tweak their settings to get 2DF working.

oh i see…for me i just cant get into my router cuz my brother changed the password…and i ask him what it is and he said he forgot (he doesnt want me to reset either…he thinks i might mess it up)…so im screwed on the router

I was looking for replays of the tournament but couldn’t find the finals on 2df. What happened? Any synopsis available? Maybe replays?

Edit - also, could you post a link to the brackets?

i hate elena

wish i knew about this

i’ll play one of these days.

I assume you faced elena in the finals then… Do you have replays you could post? :smile:

I was the one that lost that rock paper scissors match :frowning:

GGs to everyone regardless, and I wish I could figure out what was causing that problem, because I’m not even on a friggin router right now. Might just be my shitty ISP.

That or NFBA and Hamachi might be an alternative for those like me and those that can’t access their router at all

2df does seem to have some weird problem from time to time w/ connections

its told me i cant connect to certain people when im dmzed so it sure as hell isnt my router

the finals i played on nfba and didn’t record, but i searched on 2df and found some tourney matches (i think).

p1 cyrus vs. p2 xsonicc

p1 xsonicc vs. p2 Nagata Lock II

p1 nitewind12 vs p2 xsonicc

Paper x 3

Thanks xsonicc. I already saw those. But at least I know why the finals aren’t there. Maybe someone can ask your opponent if he has the replays. Having elena in the finals must have been interesting. Did you play Ken?

nice work too xsonicc and forever higher<>sry. i had too miss out just was feeling bad and work at 7am pushed LION too the maxx.
ill be ready too deliver soon though… EXTRA thanks too nagata for opening up the 2df tournament floodgates.

Xsonicc; did you have any input problems? Both Cyrus and I noted big input delay when playing you. I don’t think I got a single wake up or parry off properly in our set and Cyrus PM’d me furious about the delay after his set with you and basically gave up on the tourney. I didn’t think SoCal would represent that much of a lag issue though. Just curious if it went both ways.

Lion; it’s a shame you couldn’t enter. I actually gave you the #1 seed and then you couldn’t make it. In either case, hopefully you’ll make the next one and rep Makoto well. See you around 2DF.

yeah i played ken.

yeah there was input delay, but i dealt with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

nagata… you can’t be serious.

Sir Your Fresh Drink Of
Hater Ade.

Sunday July 13th? I am so there for the next one. What time? lol