2df 7/18/08 Team Tournament 3s SBO style

Third Strike Team Tournament SBO style

Date: Friday July 18th (7/18/08)

Time: 8 P.M EST (GMT -5, PST +3)

Registration time: 7 p.m - 8 p.m EST

How to REGISTER (ONLY U.S and CANADA): PM me in 2df with your character (ONLY 1 character)

Turn out will determine whether it will be 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3
(8 teams or less - double elim)
(9 teams or more - single elim)

NO DUPLICATES on a team (NO yun,yun,ken or yun,yun,yun)

i will put you on a random team and make sure no teams have duplicates

make sure you know an extra character JUST in case =P
IF DOUBLE ELIM (Grand Finals- 1 team match= 1 set)

EX: Team A vs Team B (Team B came from losers)

Team B MUST win 2 sets (TEAM MATCHES) in order to win

Team A MUST win 1 set in order to win**

Requirements (ONLY if you CANT host): if you KNOW you cannot host

nfba and hamachi are required

NFBA- http://kaillera.movsq.net/ (go to downloads)

Hamachi- http://www.filehippo.com/download_hamachi/download/452924822e325fb39901e1cf7712d423/

after i announce the brackets NO MORE registration will be taken

discuss with your teammates what order to go in…i leave that to you

Sorry for the late notice but im sure you guys can make it…GOOD LUCK

What’s up Nica!! I’ll come through this Friday. Hopefully we can get some practice matches before then, lol.

Why do you need nfba and hamachi if it’s a 2df tourney.

it says for ppl who CANT host…reason being is that they might run into another player who cant host and from there they use hamachi and nfba to play the game

nvm. I can’t read.

Ughn I’ll try to make it but im pretty sure im gonna be at warped tour and then probably sleeping

oh yeah…and in order to help me out with editing…can you guys give out team names? i plan on editing the videos again and im gonna need team names =P

so just blur them out and give suggestions

lol, look @ Nica directing the whole thing like he’s Spielberg. Your editing skills are dope as hell though!

yo if you see my testing video for editing the vids for this tournament you’ll be like yo you should edit a fuckin movie LOL

seriously yo the shit i did in testing is CRAZY


i need to see how its going to work

lol, about to break the Da Vinci code. Throw my name into the testing video.

this is gonna be HYPEEEEEEEEEEEE

help me come up with team names for the editing :tup:




here are the test videos…


TONIGHT PPL LETS GET 3 vs 3 instead of 2 vs 2 =)


You dumb yo, I’m not dissin you. But how you gonna have the tourney the same night Dark Knight comes out? You tryin to get a low turnout?

bad timing, make it sunday night.

you guys need too control your situations…
BIG FIGHT tonight
LION is at the ready

I don’t have a team, but I’ve played in the ranking tourneys wile back as hugeballs. If I come in tonight can I be aded to a team?

OOOOOHHHH SHIT i just remembered that The Dark Knight comes out today =P

thats my bad lol…i cant have it sunday cuz i have plans on that day

alright then


July 25th

same time and place

Sorry about this ppl but The Dark Knight>Online 3s Tournament


If ppl want ill run a small singles tournament today…no recording or anything just for fun

i would enter that