2df 8/29/08 Singles Tournament 3s Carol style

Third Strike Singles tournament Carol Style

Date: 8/29/08

Start Time: 8pm (EST), 5pm (PST), 7pm (CDT)

(for help just google “NY time” and we start at 8pm on the clock that shows up)
Registration time**: 7pm-8pm EST/4pm-5pm PST/ 6pm-7pm CDT (ONLY US, Canada, AND Mexico!!!)

How to REGISTER: just MSG me in 2df with the character of your choice (only 1 character)

Rules:Players are allowed ONLY 1 character (choose wisely)

**Before your match starts (1P must do this)

Press F2, Go to configuration (#7 if your game is in japanese), Game (#2), Then set 2player to 5 rounds.**

All games will be 3/5 rounds and be just 1 game until Finals
(winners/losers - 2/3 games Grand- 3/5 games)

no player is allowed to switch characters throughout the tournament

16 or higher entrants will result in the tournament being Single Elim (im not tryin to stay up late on fridays)

here’s a vid displaying how the matches should be

[media=youtube]pqdApMzSbuA[/media] (yes its KURODA =P )

Requirements (ONLY if you CANT host):if you KNOW you cannot host

nfba and hamachi are required

NFBA- http://kaillera.movsq.net/ (go to downloads)

Hamachi- http://www.google.com/search?q=hamachi&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a
(click the first link on the google page afterwards go to download now

after i announce the brackets NO MORE registration will be taken

Have fun with it and Good luck to all players :tup:

thats not pacific standard time is it?

Why always a weekday? = (

Nica’s tourneys have always been Eastern time in the past. I would assume the same with this one.

whats your name in 2df? other than bragging rights what does the champ gets? i bet i win if it was for a subscription to some porn sight haha

how do you set it to 5rounds?

Press F2, Go to configuration (#7 if your game is in japanese), Game (#2), Then set 2player to 5 rounds.

registeration is at 4-5pm PST start time is at 5 pm (PST)

LION will be there…
but keep charging hard with that team endeavor,that was the MOST FUNN

you werent even there for the team events… im down if im available

you aint on 2df right now so ima go ahead and

register - SaDo

sign me up with alex. you knowww!

tonight ppl…come thru and show them SKILLZZ

Damn I can’t host now that I’m at school. Doesn’t hamachi require both ppl to be on the same network? Hopefully my opponent will host, but I don’t get what you want us to do with Hamachi. Is there a SRK network?

no no network and hamachi is for ppl to connect to each other cuz if someone cant host on 2df then they will need to play on 2df and use hamachi (since they cant host)

Sorry, I don’t quite follow what I’m to do.

edit: Nevermind doesn’t matter now anyway.


Full results from tonights tourney

total of 22 ppl joined tonight very good turnout

1)Nica K.O (yang)
2)Kickassguy (ryu)
3)Mihashi (ken)
4)Cruise (urien)
5)Konoha/Brit-Brit (ken)
5)Magneto Maniac (ryu)
7)IRB (ken)
7)Scrimps (remy)
9)erik (dudley)
9)deeyznutz (makoto)
9)IGGI (yun)
9)Jizzy (dudley)
13)Fiforce (oro)
13)spectre general (sean)
13)QuintB (elena)
13)Noumu (ryu)
17)Sado (urien)
17)crisium (yang)
17)Nikkie (ryu)
17)Dyne (12)
17)Alexi (yun)
17)bladescar (akuma)

thank you everyone for showin up and makin this as fun as possible (sorry for that hold up…Fiforce couldnt get 2df nor nfba to work)

but overall thank you again and hope to see you guys next time…lol we had 2 girls and both made top 8 with mihashi beating cruise for guaranteed 3rd place :tup: good stuff to them…now we can either wait for Exo to start up the ranbats again or if he wants to wait then ill be doing a POSSIBLE 5 vs 5 team tournament but thats most likely inlike 2 weeks though (that might change if theres not enough ppl or something)

sorry I couldn’t make it, shit been going wrong on my car for the past week; had to work on it and my chick wanted to go out.

Next time.

…and just for shits and giggles…why isn’t lion’s name on the roster?

lol cuz he didnt show up

does anyone want me to rec and edit vids like i normally do??