2df 8/8/08 Team Tournament 3s SBO style (BYOT and Random)

Third Strike Team Tournament SBO style (BYOT and Random!!)

Date: Friday August 8th

Start Time: 8pm EST (5pm PST)

Registration time: 7pm EST- 8pm EST

How to REGISTER: PM me with your character (Team players if you have)

Rules:NO DUPLICATES on a team (NO yun,yun,ken or yun,yun,yun)

**If you DO NOT BYOT (bring your own team) i will put you on a random team and make sure no teams have duplicates
make sure you know an extra character JUST in case =P
IF DOUBLE ELIM (Grand Finals- 1 team match= 1 set)

EX: Team A vs Team B (Team B came from losers)

Team B MUST win 2 sets (TEAM MATCHES) in order to win

Team A MUST win 1 set in order to win

Requirements (ONLY if you CANT host):if you KNOW you cannot host

nfba and hamachi are required

NFBA- http://kaillera.movsq.net/ (go to downloads)

Hamachi- http://www.filehippo.com/download_ha...1e1cf7712d423/

after i announce the brackets NO MORE registration will be taken

p.s- Should i ALLOW MEXICO to enter??? (let me know)

You should let mexico, but nothing further south than that.

THIS IS IT TEAM 6! (Or whichever team I end up on; which then becomes Team 6)

I COULD host, until damdai made some changes and updates; in which case I can no longer host for an unknown reason, I’ll be fighting with hamachi to try and get that jump started x_X

oh yeah if your gonna enter with your own team then plz post your players and team name…if you you some of your team players dont show th day of…i will take the the first few ppl who register and fill in the spots…so you better make sure you get your team straight or else…you might end up getting some random no good joe on your team :tup:

If you can no longer host, your internal ip address probably changed and you need to update it in your port forwarding entry.

My IP is STATIC, I set it myself. We’ve been over this D:< Just like I can’t half circle!


If the client says you can’t host, then something in your configuration is not allowing incoming connections on port 27886. Double check everything. The solution is there, you just need to find it.

And the half circles? -_-

So we register by PM, but only between 7-8pm Friday?

yeah or if you know youll be there yourself (or with your team) you can post now and ill take your registration but ill refrain from doing that cuz ppl could post and not show up which is a hassle for me cuz it screws up the registration process…but only if your 100% sure should you host

So where do we meet for this? 2DF? Some irc channel?

You use keyboard, right? Get in game and F2, find the INPUT menu and check to see what your keyboard registers when you half circle. It really depends on what keys you use. Probably what’s happening is that it’s not registering the down switch.

we meet in strictly 2df…just be there during registration and ill be typing the main chat that registration is going on

so whats the prize? and wtf is hamachi and why do i have to have it?

WASD for motion. I checked and it does read the motion.

Ive found this issue to be massively WEIRD. I can do Ibuki’s raida on any side of the screen. I CAN’T do Ryu’s Half Circle kick from any side of the screen, I can’t do Makoto command throw, Alex’s command throw, Necro’s kick long list.

Some moves work just fine; some don’t work at all, ever, from that side of the screen.

there is no prize just the glory of 1st place and hamachi is for ppl who cant host on 2df just in case they encounter another player who cant host so they play it out in nfba …if you can host on 2df dont worry if not then youll need it just in case

So you tried half circling like you would normally, and all the switches register? That IS fucking weird.

TONIGHT PPL…bring your own teams or you can come by yourself and be assigned a random team

here my team (not as beefy as last time with characters so it shouldnt be bad)

Mihashi’s Men

Nica K.O

you and oh chi

lol youre worse for not showing up to any of my tournaments on 2df…get your facts straight

So true, he was bugging me about being in the last one, but didn’t come himself…annoying.