2DF FreePlay and offline? Does it work?


I’m wondering if you can play 3rd Strike offline with 2DF? If not, what emulator do you suggest I get? Thanks.


MAME. I use MAMEUI32, other replies will just suggest different GUIs for the same program.


look in %APPDATA%/Damdai/2DF


yes you can play 2df offline. Theirs 2 ways, but I only know one. Just go to their page and sign in like you will regular do. Go to the game you want to play and then hit the button that says play alone. Make sure you hit that you are away so on one will disturbed you. Ask here for better results, I’m sure Damdai will help you out.


Ummm… no. MAME is only used for games that FBA dosen’t support. 2-frame input lag FTL.


i use mame32. it works good.


Really? I thought that was only when you had triple-buffering enabled. I’m gonna have to look into this.