2DF is the best show on television!

So my friend comes up to me and asks “What’s your favorite TV show or movie at the moment?” And after thinking about it for a brief period, I respond, “The 2DF Show!” So he’s all like “The 2df show? What in the flying fuck is that?” I then proceed to explain what 2df is, and how it’s the only program that allows you to watch replays of people from around the world fighting each other in a videogame.

I mean seriously folks…I am still in absolute awe over how awesome 2df is and what it can do. To this day, I still cannot comprehend how watching replays from within the FBA emulator is possible. This has been something I have wanted since I first started playing fighting games at home on the SNES.

Don’t get me wrong…actually playing the game against someone a few thousand miles away is THE thing to do and is the purpose of 2df and why it was born. But in my opinion, being able to watcch replays is just…well, fan-fucking-tastic!

When I told my friend I’d rather watch 2df replays than any TV show or movie, I wasn’t kidding! I am on my laptop as I type this and on my hard drive I have dozens of movies and TV shows ripped from DVDs and guess what? I NEVER watch any of them because I’m always busy watching replays within 2df.

What is it about watching replays of two people fighting each other in a game that is so compelling? I don’t have the answer…but what I do know, is the mere fact that 2df delivers these replays from directly inside Final Burn Alpha has a lot to do with why I enjoy watching them so much. Watching a videogame through Youtube is simply not the same as watching a match being played from the actual game itself. That is simply phenomenal to me, and I’m honestly perplexed at why more people haven’t given this breakthrough in emulation technology more praise that its gotten.

I congratulate Damdai for coming up with a way to do this. It’s something that blows my mind even to this day, when we’re coming up on nearly a year since 2df’s release. Watching replays of my favorite arcade 2d series, Samurai Shodown, would have been enough for me. But the fact that we have replays from over 100 games to choose from means I will never be bored.

Thank you so much damdai for bringing us 2df :slight_smile:

I miss the GGPO Dojo :frowning:

But nothing beats the GGPO/2DF soap operas. Those are golden. Better than Springer, for sure.

Hail 2df!!!

i have my own channel http://2dfighter.com/games/player.aspx?id=210&game=31

Ill be checking those out mayne :slight_smile:

Props to Damdai!



I wish I could go back and watch my Alpha 2 fights from when I first started playing on GGPO. Watching my first 2df ones is embarrassing enough and that was like a year after GGPO.